Polygon shredder

The polygon shredder that takes many cubes and turns them into confetti

Created by Jaume Sanchez · clicktorelease · Twitter · GitHub

  • Move mouse around, the particles will be generated following the mouse
  • Press space to pause, space again to resume
  • Click and drag to rotate the camera, use scroll to zoom in and out
  • Play with the controls and let's see what you can find!
  • Factor: speed at which the particles move
  • Evolution: the variation over time of the particles flow
  • Rotation: speed at which the particle field auto-rotates
  • Radius: radius of a sphere that repels particles
  • Pulsate: if enabled, the sphere pulsates, pushing in and out
  • ScaleX/Y/Z: set the scale of each axis of the particles
  • Scale: change the overall scale of the particles

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