"The Unkindest Cut," 20/20, ABC-TV, January 22, 1999

Like most other reports about circumcision, this report failed to acknowledge the one consideration that makes all other considerations irrelevant: The report failed to mention many other facts and considerations that an honest report would have included, including the following: -- all facts that ABC had to be aware of and all, therefore, documentation by their absence of ABC's attempt to deceive its viewers.

The report didn't even mention that some babies die as a result of circumcision.

Barbara Walters misquoted the American Academy of Pediatrics 1989 Report of the Task Force on Circumcision when she stated: "In 1989 the American Academy of Pediatrics said that there were medical benefits of circumcision." The Report really states: "Newborn circumcision has potential medical benefits and advantages as well as disadvantages and risks." [Emphasis added.] Barbara Walters omitted "potential" and "disadvantages and risks."

Authoritative documention of infant circumcision deaths can be found at "Deaths Do Occur As a Result of Circumcision ... No One Knows How Many" and Other Authoritative Statements About Infant Circumcision Deaths and many other Internet sites, including Circumcision Information Resource Pages and NOCIRC.

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