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In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

There are no words to convey my sorrow for the humiliation and suffering of this baby [having blood sucked from his penis by the mohel], while the adults surrounding him do nothing to help him -- indeed they are the willing accomplices in this atrocious act.

While I have no problem with your aims for the site at large, I feel I should warn you that by spreading the hate-propaganda that Mohels suck blood from a baby's circumcision wound you are undermining the reliability of your site.
     There are two parts of Jewish faith which would proscribe the practice of sucking blood from a circumcision operation:
     1) The law against cannibalism. The bible book known in English as Leviticus sets out Jewish dietry restraints. Among many other things it states that humans can never be Kosher: humans have no split hooves, and they can't chew the cud. It's clearly stated that consumption of any part of an unkosher animal is forbidden.
     2) Food preparation laws. Part of the rules for preparation of food include the fact that the food must be free of all blood. A Jew must not drink the blood of any animal -- even a Kosher one.
     I can't imagine what would happen if a Rabbi was present while a Mohel tried to suck human blood. Presumably there'd be either a fight or a heart-attack.
     The tale you're repeating is part of the hate literature which is spread by certain anti-Semites.
     While I have no problem with your site against the practice of circumcision in these modern days, the linking of the Jewish cicumcision ritual with the sucking of blood means that no Jew will pay much attention to your site, because they know that the bit about Mohels sucking blood is nonsense.
     I hope you find this email useful.

[Yes, I do. After receiving it, I added eight quotes from authoritative sources, including two from the Talmud itself, documenting that sucking blood from the circumcised baby's penis is one of the requirements of the Jewish ritual called bris.]

I sent a printout of some information from In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child to friends who have been pro-circ and they called last night to say they'd visited your website and after much exploration on it had changed their long held opinion and decided their child should be left intact to later make the decision for himself. Great!

I'm reeling, my mind is heaving and my heart is breaking. I was determined this evening to complete my tour of your site in one sitting because I didn't think I could go back. I think now perhaps I will with the hope of finding some help with the agony I'm feeling and the strong suspicion that I will wake tomorrow the same way.
     I didn't know. God help me, I had a moment of doubt, I didn't understand why we routinely do this. I didn't question it enough. My son's father reiterated what I've always heard, that removing the foreskin is for cleanliness and societal acceptance.
     I feel traumatized by guilt, loss and shame right now, but I'm also looking into the very near future of discussing this with my young teenage son. What do I tell him? How can I look into his beautiful eyes and tell him I allowed this to happen? He knows me as his mother who loves him tenderly and deeply, and also as the same person who would smile with her last breath to save him from harm.
     Can you help me find a resource to help me deal with my feelings? I have to be as strong and supportive of my son as possible.
     Most importantly, can you tell me where I can find materials to educate myself on how to approach the subject, some ideas of what to say and what not to say to my child?
     If I were ever given the responsibility of raising another boy, I would leave him intact as he was born. I will discuss MGM and encourage people to research the facts and rethink the idea that this is a normal, practical thing to do. I was researching information on FGM when I found you.
     There is a tear in my heart that will never heal. The realization that I have mutilated my own child is hardly bearable. They told me it wouldn't hurt him, but I too remember hearing him scream. I started for him, but was told I could not go into the room to get him once the procedure had started (I was too cowardly to go in). A moment later, a nurse said he was probably crying from being strapped to the table or the cold. I jumped up and said then it's not done yet, but by then the door opened and I cradled my baby in my arms, close to my pounding heart. I felt guilty, confused, and weak then as I do now, but can add ashamed.
     Sorry this is so long. This is my first expression. If you finished reading it, thanks for listening. If you know where I might find some healing insight, thanks for sharing it.

I hope the page "mohel.htm" will make people disgusted by circumcision (not just Jewish circumcision, but all circumcision).
     When you set up an association in people's minds, you will make them want to puke every time they think about circumcision. That is (I hope) exactly how they will feel after reading this page. The feeling of wanting to puke is a strong emotion. The association is hard to get rid of during one's entire life. (That's why I still don't eat ketchup.)
     Too bad most young people will be blocked from seeing your site. Their minds are the least confused by all of the pseudo-medical and religious cover stories for this social sickness.

The picture of the mohel sucking blood from the penis of the baby he has just circumcised shocks and sickens me.
     Could anything be more horrifying than the reality this photograph documents? What more proof does one need of the criminal psychopathology behind all circumcision advocacy? How could any rational, humane person look at this photograph and not recoil in horror and disgust?
     How could any circumcised male who sees this picture not be stunned by the realization that he himself might have been the victim of such a gruesome perversion when he was a baby and that his assailant not only got away with it but got paid to do it as well!
     How could any civilized human being associate himself with an ideology that condones -- much less mandates -- such an act?
     I keep thinking of Peter Lorre, the serial child killer in Fritz Lang's 1931 film "M," who, when finally cornered and confronted with his horrific crimes, screams out, "I can't stop myself!"
     If there are people so deranged that they can not stop themselves from commiting atrocities against children, then it is the duty of society to stop them by whatever means necessary.

I wish I could hear the thoughts of any and all people who look at the circumciser sucking the baby's penis page. I doubt that many hardcore circumcision fanatics will be moved. I am sure, though, that all others will be so stunned and shocked by the undeniable barbarity and depravity of what they find here that they will never be able to look at a ritual or medical circumciser again without shuddering in disgust.

Parts of your website are so disturbing I can't read them or look at them, but I must say I am 100% behind you. Thank you.

I found your website very enlightening. I am a 39 year old uncircumcised male. I agree that the routine circumcision of infants is wrong and should be stopped.

I visited your website today and I think it is the most powerful of all the anticirc websites I have seen.

I looked at your "sexually mutilated child" website last night. It is powerful, and I am glad to see you putting all this material to good use and reaching so many people. The responses from so many people were especially interesting and insightful.

I peeked at your site and I couldn't get past the first few photos. I'd love to read everything you've got there.

Just viewed your web site on male circumcision. I am 61 yrs old and wish this was available years ago. I was intact until I was 26 yrs old and about to be married. My future wife was informed that I was still uncircumcised at that time. There was concern about possible cancers to myself and to her. So I conceded to having my foreskin removed. Over the years I look back and regret this move. I wish I still had my foreskin. Too bad this information on circumcision was not readily available back then. I would hope that more men would visit this web site. Nice job and pics.

I think your website is absolutely great. I'm so glad to see it all "out there."

The one thing in your website that set me on edge was the photos of the women being held with knives to their throats next to pictures of babies being circumcised. Yes, it's a horrific thing to do to babies or anyone, but the implication is that the painful operation in infancy will turn that person into a murderous psychopath. My reaction is "let's stick with the facts, and leave out all this extreme stuff." I fear that this type of thing is bound to turn away the uninformed and neutral general public. I've seen people get extremely upset and defensive over far gentler, less inflammatory material than this. Still, the pix and implications are of value in that they do portray the sheer, raw ANGER so many of us feel.
     I am and always will be the mother of circumcised sons, and there is nothing I can ever do to change that. But they are all loving, open and caring individuals, and haven't turned into psychopathic murderers or anything like that! I would give just about anything to turn back time and have them back as intact newborns again but neither I nor anyone else with circumcised sons can ever do that.

Love the display with the intact boy doll.

I browsed your website again. It's like a book I can't put down. I'm glad you include all the comments you receive, both positive and negative.

The 12 photos of the baby being circumcised make me so mad. Look at the horror on this child's face.

I am among the circumcised, and although I believe it is barbaric and should be stopped, I also believe that men who spend too much time thinking about their penis have serious psychological problems. A penis is for pissing and fucking; it doesn't deserve much contemplation. I know amputees, permanently and severely disabled, who spend less time lamenting the loss of entire limbs than some of the sad wankers who inhabit your website.
     Yes, your website performs an important service to humanity, and I applaud you. You have tackled a controversial and oft-ignored subject with incredible style, replete with fascinating information. However, those who claim to remember their circumcision "using specialized breathing techniques to access intense repressed emotional states" are, bluntly, full of shit, and do the site a disservice. This same gentleman (Jerry Brayton) also makes the statement: "Like many other boys of my era, I assumed I had not been circumcised." Well, I am exactly the same age as Mr. Brayton, and neither I nor anyone in my acquaintance has ever made that assumption. Mr. Brayton exists in a very tiny minority.
     Still, the site is marvelous, and I will recommend it to friends, and link to it from my own site.

I wasn't planning on writing you until I visited one of the websites run by a pro-circumcision group.
     While your website was highly fact-oriented and gave the medical reasons against circumcision, the only thing they did at Circumcision Online News was try to slander anyone advocating the preservation of the foreskin. The only quotes in their section of people speaking against circumcision were from terrible bigots. Thank you for providing truthful medical documentation on a subject that is so ridiculously rooted in moral instead of ethical arguments.
     I am a 20 year old circumcised male, and I'm not happy about it. I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a foreskin until I was 14 and took a sex ed class in high school. I was astounded. The only penises I had ever seen were circumcised. My first reaction upon learning that my body was mutilated was horror, until the teacher extolled the many "virtues" of circumcision. It wasn't until I came to college and met a friend who was uncircumcised that I heard the truth about circumcision from a non-biased (uncircumcised) viewpoint. I had been leaning towards the decision for a while, but after reading your site I am 100% convinced that I will never circumcise any of my future children. I am also going to tell my friends to visit your site in the hopes that they will choose not to mutilate the natural body of their children as well.
     One thing that was particularly interesting to me was where you pointed out that in some circumcised men hairy skin from the crotch or testicle area will shift onto the shaft of the penis to make up for the lack of foreskin. My penis is larger than average, and when I am erect I have hair growing on it fully halfway up the shaft. This always struck me as unnatural, and now I know what it is, and why it occurred.
     The last thing I want to say regards the smegma pictures. Apparently most of the people who looked at them failed to read your information below. Nobody cites the crusty stuff you get in the corner of your eye as a valid reason to remove your tear ducts. Why should a natural secretion such as smegma be seen as any different? Education is the key to fix our country's irrational love of circumcision.
     Thanks for the great site.

In all my years of academic research, I have never come across a source of information -- on any topic -- as powerful, insightful, thorough, and thought-provoking as your website on circumcision. Most websites provide selected parcels of information to specific target groups. Your website provides the broadest range of information on this topic I have ever encountered. It is a treasure trove of information.
     You do not descriminate, suppress, edit, expurgate, or censor. Consequently, yours is the only website I am aware of that exposes the dark, chilling undercurrents that run through the history of circumcision.
     With their calculated, deceptive rhetoric, the perpetrators of this atrocity attempt to draw links between an obvious horror and positive abstractions such as "tradition," "religion," "science," "medicine," and "hygiene." The documents and essays on your website, however, expose this charade and show what the sexual mutilation of children is really about: envy, lust, hatred, male sexual rivalry, sadism, criminal psychopathology, desperation, ruthlessness, power, control, oppression, violence, contempt for humanity, and greed.
     It is about time that more human rights activists followed your lead and refused to play the circumcisers' game of evading the real issues. As your website makes clear, circumcision is not really about medicine or public health. Circumcision is not really about preventing or curing any disease. Circumcisers are not mistaken in their medical beliefs; they are lying. Circumcision advocacy is really about weaving a convincing network of lies to deflect the attention of the public and the criminal justice system from the frightening truth that circumcisers are really criminally deranged, psychotic, knife-wielding maniacs driven by psychopathic obsessions and compulsions that most people could never understand.
     Would any normal person -- would any normal doctor -- pick up a knife and cut, slash, crush, burn, rip, tear, bloody, and savage a child's healthy sex organs? Would any normal, healthy adult allow someone to do that to him? To cover their tracks and to protect their immunity from being imprisoned for their grisly crimes, circumcisers are waging a war of terror, oppression, and violence against the United States and all other countries where they have infiltrated the corridors of power. Your website documents these disturbing facts.
     Thank you, John Erickson, for having the courage to expose these frenzied, shrieking, hate-driven fanatics who, blinded by the sudden light of honest inquiry, now find themselves caught in a satanic orgy of torture and mutilation involving countless millions of child victims. They may have escalated their campaign of lies and terror in recent months, in response to the American Academy of Pediatrics' 1999 Statement on Circumcision, but thanks to dedicated scholars and humanitarians like you, the days are numbered for penis-slashers like Schoen, Weiss, Halperin, Moses, Kogan, Kunin, Schechet, Bailey, Russell, Wiswell, and the army of cowards and fools who blindly and slavishly do their bidding.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together a most comprehensive site on male circumcision. Oh, I cried and cried reading about those poor babies. I have an intact son, and I am so grateful I listened to my heart and not my family, my doctors, most of society. I now have somewhere to point expectant mothers to so they can see firsthand what they are considering doing to their children. Thank you again.

Thank you for compiling the website on the sexually mutilated child. I absolutely agree with everything said condemning this brutal operation done on helpless infants without their consent. I was lucky not to be mutilated in this way. My father was born to a German and Norwegian couple, and would not allow this cruelty. As I say, I was lucky.
      I know so many guys who were cut who can't understand the sensitivity I have and who don't want to talk about it. Who can blame them? What good is that to them now? I have also talked to their girlfriends who believe that the reason their boyfriends are rough and uncaring in bed is because they are insensitive in that area. It must be like wearing a permanent thick condom. There is another victim: the future girlfriends and wives who won't be made love to gently because a circumcised guy has to thrust roughly to feel anything. Or so I'm told.
      The recently publicized case of "Brenda," whose penis was cooked right off at birth and was subsequently made into a girl but who reclaimed his true gender later, should reach a few more new parents with the horror of what can come of circumcision. I am surprised he doesn't look up that doctor and thrash him bloody. I won't even go into the hypocrisy of forcing a sex change on a baby when adults who really do want one have to beg and see shrinks for years.
      I also think that the anecdote about the pediatrician's wife who wanted to circumcise the whole world to prevent another Holocaust was especially chilling. Talk about getting revenge for the past on the backs of the helpless and not responsible.
      About 10 years ago I was at a friend's house. Their son and daughter in law had just had a son, and he had been circumcised, even though I tried to talk them out of it. I remember that evening the new mother laid the baby on the carpet, at his grandfather's feet, and inspected the wound. She said it looked like the skin was rolling over the tip, so she tried to retract it. She fussed at that with her dry fingers and long fingernails for what seemed like 10 minutes while the poor baby screamed his lungs out. This wasn't "I want a bottle" or "I want a hug" crying. This was absolutely bloodcurdling shrieking. She was really hurting him. And while I sat there in shocked horror, I was even more amazed that nobody in the family did anything. I finally said, "Why don't you leave him alone?," but I wasn't family, and nobody listened. I may never get that out of my mind. Anyway, I hope people listen to you.
      Thanks for listening.

For the past week some friends and I have been discussing with varied results and opinions the topic of circumcision. Most warranted untold awkwardness and wished not to talk about it. Out of the 8, 6 wished not to speak and viewed the topic a moot point since we can't change the past. The remainder expressed great concern for the mental well-being of the circumcised population of the Earth. I believe that aliens would view this custom strange to say the least. I do. I feel that this has caused great trauma to the people of our world. With an ancient custom that supposedly reduces the yearning for sexual stimulation, I believe the lack of full and natural stimulation to the brain has caused an overwhelming urge to fulfill the abscence of satisfaction and completion in the human male. This adversely reciprocates upon the human females' emotional well-being too.
     I am a victim of circumstance. I will never know the usage of the brain cells that were once linked to my missing 3x5 index card of sexual and mental stimulation. Maybe one day the brain will be able to be stimulated in such a manner. Then and only then will I understand what has been robbed from me.

Thank you so much for your web site. It has been so useful to me in my research. I am trying to help end this madness. I thank you for what you have done.

I'm writing to thank you for the work you are doing. I was born in 1961. I was 3 months premature and weighed about 3 pounds. Because of this I was not circumcised at birth. My earliest recollections are from around 1969. I remember that I had frequent erections whenever I would get undressed. My glans was extremely sensitive to the touch. When I turned 12 my mother noticed that when I retracted my foreskin the frenulum would pull my glans at an angle to the shaft of my penis. She took me to the doctor who told my mom that I was suffering from congenital phimosis! That short frenulum remedied itself in adulthood when it became torn during masturbation. Today my foreskin retracts easily with no problems. I would not give up my foreskin without a fight. I am happy being uncircumcised and don't plan on changing anytime soon.

With deepest gratitude to you and because it is the best short statement of the truth about male genital mutilation that I have been able to find anywhere, and because it is the statement that first showed me that one can communicate truthfully on this subject and pull no punches, I have decided to use your "Infant Circumcision: Crime Against Humanity," found at www.sexuallymutilatedchild.org/iccah.htm, in all my major efforts against human genital mutilation. It will go into all my literature packages, all my talks, and everywhere else I can put it.
     It concludes, "The birthright of males - all males - to keep all of the penis they are born with must therefore be secured by law."
     So be it. Thank you.
     Now we march forward to secure the law that you foresaw.

Thank you for your extensive web site documenting RIC [routine infant circumcision]. I am 5 months pregnant, and although we don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl, thanks to the vast information you and others have made available, I WILL NOT CIRCUMCISE my child.
     My question is how to get my circumcised husband to be willing to read the information. I've asked him to look into the research, which he refuses to do. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your site about circumcision. I am circumcised, and I wish I was not. When my father (he told the truth, as far as he knew it) explained to me that I was circumcised, I began to be vaguely disturbed by the idea. I'm 34 and I now understand why the loss of my foreskin has been at the edges of mind all these years. I'm going to see what can be done, if anything, toward restoring my body.

You should be commended for the time and work you have put in creating and maintaining this valuable site. I have two qustions. First, why can't enough intact MD's and legislators and parents outlaw circumcision except for religious purposes? I know this is watering down the effort but it would give it a better chance of gaining public support. In this enlightened age of self-help and choice, why can't this issue make any headway? Second, I have fully restored my foreskin using a P.U.D. [Penile Uncircumcising Device] and I am looking for a qualified person to tighten my foreskin by suturing my dorsal slit.

I am about to give birth any day to my 6th child. My first-born was born to me when I was only 16 years old. I was terrified in a way, yet completely in love with him, this I knew from the beginning.
     When I was in the hospital after giving birth (I believe it was the day after), I received a "call" on the intercom from the nurse's station, asking if I wanted my son circumcised. Because I had been told after a sonogram that I was expecting a girl baby, the idea and the reality that I was a mother to a son was brand new to me at this point! I don't remember even thinking about circumcision until I received that call. I really was shocked to have pushed a little boy into the world!
     Well, I immediately said "NO," loud and clear. "Excuse me???" the nurse replied. "I SAID NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT," I repeated! Well, the next thing I know, this nurse is in my room giving me all sorts of "info" on why I should reconsider. I distinctly remember telling her that if anyone dared to try to lop off a hunk of my beautiful son's body, I would kill them with my bare hands. I meant exactly what I said.
     Then the pediatrician tried to talk me into it. He received much the same adamant response from me. Now, looking back, I really don't think any of them quite expected a 16 year old single mom to stick up for her newborn like this. I was highly uninformed about pregnancy and labor. I went to a clinic for prenatal care, from the beginning stating that I wanted to give birth naturally, and wanted no part of drugging my baby. They really didn't know quite what to do with me. I never received any info on "Lamaze" or anything like that. I was told how to breathe when in labor, that's about it. Still, I knew, somehow, what I wanted for my baby.
     How is it, then, that even a scared teenager, who had been living with the baby's 23 year old alcoholic father in the back room of a 6 bedroom house shared with 27 other people, HOW, I ask, could I KNOW that to mutilate a brand-new baby was the sickest, most violent, twisted notion I had ever heard, yet there are people in much more of an "educated" and economically "sound" situation who would actually choose to commit such a crime against their most cherished "accomplishment"??? I will never understand it.
     I hate them. If I could get away with it, I would surely make an attempt on their lives. The fury and the rage I feel against these people and the doctors who perform these abominations is indescribable.
     I just forced myself to look at some of the pictures you have on your website, with my INTACT son, who is now nearly 15. I will never, ever forget these pictures. The one with the baby screaming, mouth open so wide with terror, completely shocked by what is happening to him, will haunt me to my grave. I literally broke down while looking at it. The feeling came up from the very pit of my soul, and I felt that baby's horror, his absolute pain, and it is coursing through me to this moment.
     One thing eased me, ever so slightly, and one thing only. My son, my dear, wonderful young man, grabbed me and held me so tight. He said, "Ma, you didn't do it" over and over again, and I hugged him for dear life. He understood, probably for the first time in his life, what being "intact" meant. The difference between what could have been for him and what IS, is my only consolation.
     My second son was born ten years after his big brother, and his daddy knew by the look on my face when I said I'd NEVER allow it, that to even TRY to change my mind would result in some frying-pan-to-the-head action that would not soon be forgotten! And now, in just a few days, maybe even hours, I will have another baby in my arms. Normally I don't care one way or the other about the sex, as long as the baby is healthy, as they say. Something in me really, really wants a boy now, just to know there is another non-mutilated, perfect baby boy in the world, whose mommy loves him and marvels in just how perfect he is.
     I just wanted you to know that your site will be one I send people to, every chance I get, when this subject comes up, as it has been on a "list" I'm on. Shockingly enough, it's a list of aspiring midwives and many "requested" that I "back down" on the whole thing, and were quite aghast that I referred to circumcision as "mutilation"! (HOW DARE I???)
     Thank you so much for all of the REAL information you are providing! I am eternally grateful.

My thanks to you for your constant efforts to educate and enlighten people about this. Thank you for adding mine [You Call This Love? The Real Reason Women Don't Like Sex] to the book list. I hope our story will help people make the right decision for sake of the children.

Personally, I'm a pro-circumcision type person. I think circumcision promotes cleanliness and, by reducing oversensitiveness of the parts, helps to correct any tendency which may exist to improper manipulations of the genital organs and the consequent acquirement of evil sexual habits, such as masturbation. I was circumcised right after I was born and I don't miss having a foreskin one bit at all. Circumcisors are just doing their jobs.
     But that's not all I want to talk about. I read the story on your website called "He Didn't Even Cry" / Febo, about someone who lost their beloved dog and later found him at this veterinary university with his stomach cut open and with probes inserted into him for experimental reasons along with several other dogs. THIS STORY BOTH SADDENED AND ENRAGED ME!!! WHO WOULD ALLOW SOMETHING AS AWFUL AS THAT TO HAPPEN? I would like to offer that person my greatest respects for their lost dog. But one question remains. What's a story about someone who lost their dog to experimental purposes doing on an anti-circumcision web site? I think that story would work much better and be better seen on an Animals' Rights website.
     But getting back to the point, I also think that any uncircumcised men in the world need to be circumcised in order to know what already circumcised men feel. And to all those men who were circumcised as adults and who once knew the pleasures of a foreskin let me just say one thing to all of you: "WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!"
     And one section of your website stated that discarded foreskins were sold to biotechnology industries for research. I think this is a very good thing. Those nasty little skins are going towards useful purposes to help create a better future.

You have a wonderful web site. It saddens me very much to realize what I've lost as someone who was circumcised. I cannot masturbate to climax even though I have wet dreams; whether that has to do with my circumcision, I do not know, but I believe it does. One thing's for sure: I will leave any son I have intact.
     Please organize your web site though. It is very difficult to find things by subject matter or by date.

I have a four month old son who after much debate and reading on my fiance's and my part we decided not to circumcise. My man is not circumcised either. Not only is sex much better with an uncircumcised man (I have been with both), but after reading those articles and seeing those pictures I could not imagine putting my beautiful wonderful little piece of heaven I call my son through that. Any parent who is even considering having their child circumcised should have to either see the pictures or a video, then if they decide to still have it done they should be smacked around or have their child taken away. It is a barbaric and mean thing to do, how can they say that it causes the baby no pain? Can't they see their little faces distorted by their cries! Just the thought of my son, or any other baby for that matter, laying there on that table strapped down and screaming while someone in a hospital robe and mask hovers over them cuts off part of that helpless baby makes me terribly angry and makes me want to cry. These people should be stopped!!!!!!!!!!
     Thanks for letting me rant, this is just something I feel very strongly about. Hopefully some other expecting parents will visit these sites and not let those people who don't know talk them into killing part of their little piece of heaven.

I've just visited your site and have a few things to say. The 23 y/o male who said that 90% of the girls he spoke with thought an uncut guy was "disgusting" -- I think that may be a conservative number like closer to 99.99%. If you're a male and not cut and living in the States your sexual happiness and comfort will never be completely fulfilled due to the 90% of the women in this country with that attitude he described. I'm not cut and will NEVER date ANY American woman for this very reason. I'm not ugly and have a nice body -- everywhere. I'm lucky because I travel to Europe on business 4-6 times a year and feel so good about myself when I'm there (circumcision is unheard of there) and when I'm with their women. My present girlfriend (German) was outraged when I told her this attitude all American women have towards circumcision, yet she wasn't surprised. I have a very positive outlook on life and look forward to meeting the EUROPEAN woman of my dreams (if I haven't already). I know this may sound harsh but I could never talk negatively enough about the judgmental attitude of American women towards sex with a natural man. And besides European women ARE TRULY better!

FUCK YOU. STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS. I'm glad I'm circumcised. It's easy to clean and girls aren't scared of it. I don't feel like a freak. Sure long ago that was me strapped to that board bawling, but that was a long time ago. Guess what? I don't feel a thing anymore, and I don't remember it. So fuck off and leave us out of your bullshit.

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