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In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child

"I am forever indebted to the people on the Net
who informed me so I didn't hurt my baby boy."

[I welcome all comments about this website, both positive and negative. I would especially appreciate hearing from parents who decided against circumcision and circumcisers who stopped circumcising directly or indirectly as a result of visiting this site.]

Powerful, graphic, moving. Thank you.

My friend, you put this so well. Oh, that my parents had thought about this before they permitted me to be mutilated.

Beautiful epitaph (if such a thing can be said about such a subject). It was kind of strange. I think I've always wanted an apology, but your site almost did it for me. I guess deep down, it is important that someone understand. You certainly do. Unlike the doctors who snicker at us when we protest. In any case, well done!

Thanks for creating a powerful website.

I just read through the section of your website titled Infant Circumcision: Crime Against Humanity. I was electrified by its power. I think this statement is one of the very best things I have ever read anywhere about anything. Is there some way to put this statement somewhere else in your website to make sure that no one overlooks it?

I really must congratulate you on a powerful and moving web site. It's excellent! Powerful, emotional, and something every other site has lacked: outright, unmitigated horror. I can't imagine anyone visiting this site and not coming away seriously questioning what the hell is going on. I'm very glad Jacob Sweet is featured and I'm also glad you have that child's [Quinn Ambriel Baker's] drawing. You have delivered an arrow to the heart of any parent contemplating doing this to his or her child. It's magnificent. Thank you for an amazing and terrible, but most sadly, necessary statement that the internet has lacked until now. I hope beyond hope that everyone who visits your page will stop and learn.

[The comment above] speaks for me too. I hope other eloquent messages are sent to you for your **ESSENTIAL** Web page and for the other products, creations and powerful and insightful writings you have given us and the world.


Took a quick look at your web site. Very nice. Lots of information. Keep up the great work. [From an MD]

Congratulations on the launch of your valuable new site!

Superb!!!!! The opening dedication never fails to move me deeply.

Wow!!!! I just went to your site. Excellent. I liked your info and the many links. Some I have seen and of course they are all very informative. I truly liked the lack of "gingerbread" at your site. Sometimes people feel pressured into making a glitzzy looking site and loose track of the original intent of getting the info out. Fit, form and function go a long way.

I just went to In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child. Pretty much cried through most of it. Thanks for your work.

I'm addicted to your website. I have never had such a fascination with any website before. There is something very different about yours. It contains the essence of the phrase "deeper into circumcision." It is about time that the world was allowed to read for itself what only a few so far have dared to realize -- circumcision is a depravity so deep and disturbing that it cannot be comprehended by the average mind. It reminds me of the classic phrase Hannah Arendt used to describe the process that led to and fueled the Holocaust -- "the banality of evil."

I just read that incredibly important piece The Serial Circumciser. WHAT A POWERFUL ITEM. I'm printing it out and handing it to people. I want them to know these sorts of things. Thanks for sharing that!

I love the simplicity & uncluttered appearance. Thanks.

You and your website are to the American medical industry what Woodward and Bernstein and the Washington Post were to the Nixon Administration. You have uncovered and exposed this nation's ugliest secret. Bravo! I would welcome an expanded commentary on some of the raw data you present, especially in the section entitled "Feelings Too Violent to Describe." It cannot be overemphasized that the American medical community, spokesmen for the circumcision industry, and others with vested interests in the perpetuation of circumcision consistently push the limits of credulity by denying that anyone objects to having been circumcised. The truth, however, is that any circumcised male who raises any objections to what was done to him either against his will, without his consent, or without his fully informed consent, is marginalized, shamed, and silenced. Doctors diagnose and dismiss him as an "isolated case," a "psychotic," or an "anti-Semite" -- the ultimate silencing weapon these days. After silencing those who dare to speak the truth, the American medical industry steps up its damage control operations and reassures the public that only it can be trusted to be the legitimate spokesman for the American people regarding circumcision. This self-serving, insidious deception must be exposed. Your website gives voice to the actual feelings of a brutalized and oppressed nation.

Your webpage may well be the deathblow to circumcision. [From an MD]

I LOVE your webpage. I LOVE the heavy-duty stuff -- those pieces you and others create that make people squirm as they should, squirming either because they are just beginning to understand circumcision as the sexual perversion it is OR squirming because they are mutilating babies/boys, or defending or promoting this atrocity and fraud. It is important for others to see these other things that appear nowhere else on the Web. (And even if someone else did offer something like this, that person would not have the truly powerful things you composed and that others wrote and that you offer to the world to see, read and appreciate.)

Your web site is the only outlet there is for the unvarnished truth.

You deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for your magnificent tributary website.

Congratulations on your website, and thanks for your continued dedication and passion in speaking out to protect male infants.

Wow... that's pretty intense! I'll make sure to add it to my links when I update my site!

Great information on your site. A stark reminder of the horrors so many of us have had to face.

I visited your site and was deeply moved. And I will be moved even more when I revisit and revisit. I can't thank you enough.

Good website. I saw the $10,000 reward posted for information on a case where the victim is more crippled for life than intended. It is a good start, but I wonder why they don't offer a reward for doing some real revenge, perhaps a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of JAMES NESBITT, M.D., of THE CHILDREN'S CLINIC., who committed the violent criminal assault and battery on the healthy normal child. Perhaps a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of any doctor guilty of serial violent sexual abuse of children by genital mutilation. I, for one, would offer to begin a fund with a $1,000 donation. Anyone else willing to contribute to a "Save the Children from MGM -- Bring criminal child abusing doctors to justice fund" can contact me. Zardoz Greybeard zardoz@oldways.org Save the Boys Foundation

I can barely write. I went to your site again. I'm in tears. I went there the other day when you announced it and I was in tears. I am forever indebted to the people on the Net who informed me so I didn't hurt my baby boy. I don't have the words to describe my feelings for the other poor children. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you. Now I feel angry. May my anger turn to something more than screaming. I was formerly ignorant beyond belief, but because of people like you I saved my cousin's baby's foreskin, convinced them while she was in labor, hubby wouldn't read the info! -- told every pregnant woman I had a conversation with -- made whole dinner parties hear the story of the foreskin and of the violation -- spoke up against my annoyed labor preparation class leader and told them all the class information was wrong and to go to the web -- told every doctor/midwife I was in contact with that I thought it was a violation of human rights and that it is horrible to do that!

I was reading misc.kids, when I saw a post about your web page. I'm glad I did. I have subject lines with the word "circumcision" killfiled, because I can't take the emotional stress that these discussions, often flame-wars, cause. I was circumcised as an infant, probably because it was recommended by the doctor, and because my father was circumcised. I have been hurt forever. The material I have found, all on the Internet, has stirred a great deal of emotion in me. Strongest among the emotions is extreme anger, even fury. I should have been given the choice, my parents should have known all the facts. This has to be stopped! Doctors should be educated, and those who continue to recommend circumcision should lose their licenses. I hope to have a wife, and one day have children. I will NEVER let this happen to them, as long as it's within my power to prevent it. It's barbaric, and I can't imagine how it can still be sanctioned by the medical industry. It is an industry. Too often profit governs decisions rather than the patient's well-being. We need laws and lawsuits to stop this.

you are a sick man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Follow-up to the comment above] I am a nurse and I have 2 sons. I have helped the Doctor in a few circumcisions, and my 2 boys are circumcised. This is not sexually mutilating children. You do not know what you are talking about. The decision to circumcise one's son is a personal choice between the mother and father. Bigots like yourself should keep your one-sided opinions to yourself. If mom and dad choose not to circumcise their boy then good for them and if they do choose to do it then good for them also. It is postings like yours that mislead people. Everybody should keep open minds on all issues!!!

I just revisited your site. The last two comments from the denying ignorant were almost as shocking as the photographs. As long as I have been involved in children's advocacy it never ceases to amaze me how children are belittled by the denying ignorant.

I'd like to ask a logical question of the "Nurse" who appears to be defending circumcision. If circumcision is such a "personal" choice, then why is the person who will be affected by the choice for his lifetime prevented from making "his personal choice"? I can tell you why. Because his parents know that if they give him the choice, he would never choose the choice they are making for him when they have him circumcised. I am crying right now. How can I tell my 12-year-old son that I allowed him to be permanently desensitized sexually because his father thought he would prefer to "fit in" and "look like all the boys in the locker room"? I rationalized, "What the hell do I know how boys feel? I'm a female." If I had the choice to make all over again -- knowing now how much sexual sensitivity is lost forever, not to mention physical protection from disease and other elements -- I'd tell my husband to go to hell. If the signatures of BOTH parents are required on the consent form, they'd NOT GET MINE!

Great website. Keep telling it like it is.

I'm the mother of a 2 1/2 year old boy and it never occurred to me to have him circumcised. I still visited your web site and looked at the images in horror and read in horror. I mostly place the blame on the doctors. I don't have to ask if it would hurt to cut away my child's foreskin. Common sense tells me this would give him unbelievable pain. I wish every new parent were forced to read your information, before allowing their child to be butchered. But people seem to be doing what other people do, and it seems to be a normal procedure in most hospitals (or else they would not ask you if you would like to have it done). Parents should be more informed on that subject! I'm looking at my son now and thinking "Thank God my motherly instinct told me not to do such an awful thing to a little human being."

Your web site, and your book, are truly excellent. Shocking, but excellent. I thought I was numb to it all, after years of being involved in this movement. No longer. I especially like the picture of the baby giving the finger.

Your webpage is fantastic!

Your webpage is epic. I have been methodically reading every link for the last hour or so. When I got to "Does Male Circumcision Help Spread AIDS?" I started to get antsy as I always do around this topic, and rehearsing in my mind how I would write to you about this page, when I got to the end and saw your comment about Peter Duesberg and his book, Inventing the AIDS Virus. What glorious relief to find another person who can see through the tattered AIDS story.

Had I seen and known 17 years ago what I know now, I would have stood guard over my son like a lioness protecting her cub; and I would kill any circumciser who dared come wielding a knife to MY healthy newborn baby son. Circumcision is another medical money-maker with the ugly twist of sexual predation. That's all. About 2,500 male babies in the U.S. every day, and 2,000 clitoridectomies a year on baby girls. We don't know the statistics yet on genital mutilations of adult women via episiotomy and other so-called gynecological "repairs" because doctors falsify records, but I know it's at least in the thousands, and I think it's probably millions.

I laserprinted the "Circumcise me?" page, folded it, placed it in an envelope, wrote the address in red ballpoint pen and mailed it to my mutilator. Thanks for affording me the pleasure.

Your site is the one I refer people to now. [From a Jewish woman whose son is intact.]

Your website is an escape from the enslavement and control, the cover-ups, and the lies and deception that keep people afraid and keep them mutilating their sons.

I was unable to read your website at one sitting -- it is so powerful and moving. Thank you again for your unique contribution to the struggle against sexual mutilation. [From a Jewish woman whose son is intact.]

I truly feel your site is the best intactivism site on the net.

Your Website is important and unique. You have information there that's available nowhere else.

Your site is a blight on the circumcision racket. [From an MD]

The medical literature about circumcision, as your Complications of Circumcision page shows, is a horrifying, mind-numbing exposé of total penis amputation, sex-change operations, gangrene, blood poisoning, heart failure, collapsed lungs, and severe burns. Why has this information been hidden from the general public? Why isn't it included on the circumcision consent forms doctors and hospitals give parents to sign?

As I read the story about the circumcised Jewish man who needs intact Germans to humiliate him [Letter to Parents Magazine], I wondered if his mother would still have had him circumcised if she had known about this possible result. Circumcision affects the mind and sexual behavior in ways that go beyond loss of nerve endings and penile sensation. Parents should know that circumcision may condemn their child to a degrading, secret existence in the sexual underworld. Most men whose circumcisions wired them for a life of sado-masochism probably came from loving homes. They probably had nurturing parents. They probably did well in school. They may have wives and children. They may hold good jobs. But they still have this secret compulsion to commit or suffer atrocities related to their own circumcision's effect on their psyches. The warning "Buyer, beware" was never more apt than when dealing with someone willing to circumcise a baby.

Thank you for turning over the rock of the American Medical Industry and exposing the leeches and maggots lurking and thriving there.

The Complications of Circumcision list is awesome. Thank you.

I have sent copies of The Complications of Circumcision to several doctors. [From an MD]

I've lost count of the number of times I've visited your site. I've spent countless hours there. I visited it again today. I finally got to see and read everything. Sometimes I read the same pages many times.

I forwarded The Complications of Circumcision to Brian Morris and Gerald Weiss [infant circumcision advocates].

Your website is a marvelous addition to the circumcision material available on the Internet.

Your web site is the first I have seen besides travel agencies so I can easily say it is the best I have ever seen!! Quinn's drawing at the beginning sets a tone which is carried throughout.

Foreskins For Sale proves what I've suspected all along: that a largely unrecognized and hidden medical industry depends upon the continuation of routine circumcision. How many parents are told that their child's foreskin will be sold to pharmaceutical companies and used in drug testing? How many parents are told that their child's foreskin is worth money to a large number of industries?

Thanks for your web site for its widening lens into the horrific picture of child abuse under the guise of a hygienic ritual. [From a Jewish woman whose sons are intact.]

Your web site (both quantity and quality) is becoming awesome.

I just read everything on your web site again. It had been about three months since I last read it. It is the saddest work of art I have ever experienced. As before, the pain in my chest and the tears in my eyes make it difficult to finish. I used to think a marble sculpture of an injured child I once saw in a museum somewhere in Scandinavia was the saddest thing I had ever seen, but it cannot compare with your memorial. I cannot fathom the pain you must have felt assembling this site, but I hope it is matched by a well deserved and equal amount of pride in what you have given the world. Thank you for enriching my life.

Your website is almost too much. Thanks. If my parents had known what you have told, I might not have been in therapy over the last 30 years.

I read some of the "comments" last night. They are wonderful. They personalize the whole experience of your site. Eileen Wayne's letter to Carla Miller ["A Deathblow to Denial"] brought me to tears. If I ever got in trouble, never mind hiring Johnny Cochran, I'd want Eileen to fight for me! Your site really is without equal on the net.

I'm glad you feel it is important to let people know that some doctors do oppose this madness. [From an MD]

Some people had warned me that I should have had my son circumcised because "there are a bunch of freaks out there who get off on circumcising people, that they will try to get to my son when he's older & cut him," etc. etc. etc. Well, part of me thought "No way, they're just trying to scare me." The other part of me, the Mother part, was like, well, I don't want to believe this is true. Now, if what I've just read under the Fetish Circumcision section of your site is true, I am really shocked, really grossed out that people would do such a thing. It frightens me.

I am so glad your site is out there. I showed it to my husband -- the pictures of the babies being circumcised. We both were like, Man, I'm so glad we didn't put our son through that.

I have a favor to ask. I post on several circumcision debate boards. Your webpage is an indispensable resource. While I often refer people to your page, I thought it would be far more effective to paste parts into my posts once in awhile into the debate, as it's far less ignorable than a link. Would you mind?

[No -- I wouldn't mind at all. That's what my site is for. Please feel free to paste whatever you want anywhere you want to paste it. "Talent borrows. Genius steals."]

I recently revisited your site and realized that it may be the best place for individuals to get it! [From an MD]

Your website continues to grow and I have referred many people to it. A great site. I still feel it is the best on the net. Many of the people I refer to it get back to me completely within the intact mindset.

I am a new parent who regrettably "chose" to circumcise her son, by giving consideration to my husband wishes, due to being UNinformed by medical staff (OB-surgeon, Pediatrician, Maternity Nurses) and lack of supporting information. Your site truly removed any fear of the unknown. I feel this is a strong tool in persuading men to be in favor of leaving their sons intact because you have removed the barrier to the unknown as well as replaced any negative images from National Geographic, etc. and poor x-rated shows. P.S. Another excellent site for expecting parents is www.nocirc.org.

Your website is truly a work of art. Very moving indeed.

I just found your circumcision website. Excellent! Seeing it makes me regret even more that I lost my foreskin at birth.

Yours is the Olympus of websites.

Your site is the only one that makes me cry every time I read anything on it. You have a way of stating your case that hits a nerve every time, as someone recently said, "with cruel clarity."

If anyone reading this list [Restore-list, a foreskin restoration email discussion group] hasn't yet been to John A. Erickson's "In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child" site, it's a trip you need to make. From the sites I had already explored as a prospective, and now active, [foreskin] restorer and from a few weeks on this list I thought I just about knew it all. But I am reeling afresh from the photographs of the infant circumcision, stunned at the descriptions by men circumcised as adults, the words of mothers, fathers and angry for myself and other men who have come to realize what has been done to them. Explore this site when you have a good few hours to spare.

I just read your "Special Announcement" on your "In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child" web site. I cannot stop reading it. It may be the most compelling piece of writing on the subject I have ever read.

What a lot of shit you talk. I am cut and do not know anything else. [In response to "Special Announcement."]

Interesting drawing by Casey Miller! I always said that the stories of alien abductions sounded a lot like what it might be like to be circumcised.

It would be interesting to know what prompted this child to draw this picture. Is there anyway you can get a few words out of him for publication with the pic?

What an interesting drawing. Please tell us more about the artist and how/why the piece was created.

I came across your website through the newsgroup alt.circumcision which I occasionally frequent. I am a web designer and have numerous websites of my own, one of which is a professional dominatrix. I have seen many nude men but very few uncut men up until a few years ago.
     I have only one daughter. If she had been a boy when she was born six years ago I would have circumcised her, not knowing anything about it. At 28 years of age (2 years ago) I had sex with the first uncircumcised man I had ever seen. I would prefer to never have sex with another circumcised man as long as I live. The difference in sensation is so different, I cannot even begin to describe it. My opinion is that circumcision should be outlawed except in these two cases: Medical necessity only after all other options have been exhausted; and after age 18 a man should be able to do it himself after being counseled and informed as to what he is giving up.
     I see no other reason for circumcision. Uncircumcised penises in my opinion are beautiful, functional and a wonderful design. They seem to have more in common with female genitalia (labia seems similar to foreskin) and makes me feel closer to my partner. We never require lubrication, and the sliding of the foreskin feels wonderful.
     You may print my letter. I am glad to help.

I think your Website is the most powerful tool available for appealing to the emotions of parents. You have achieved what I, from outside the realm of personal experience, could only hope to achieve.

I popped in to take a look at your site and ended up spending over 3 hours there! It's a very good site in my opinion and listed in my favorites so I can check for updates. I even printed a few of the stories so friends can read them. Thanks for such an informative and well done site.

You seem like a very troubled person in need of serious help! In other words you are a wacko and like 99% of this board [alt.circumcision] need desperate help!

Referring to circumcision as sexual mutilation insults and hurts me deeply. I am not mutilated!

I came across your website and could not sleep for days. I am a Muslim living in India. I was circumcised at age 10 by a barber and the memory of it refuses to go away. I congratulate you on your superb website which serves as a beacon to all of us circumcised and would be circumcisers that it's time we questioned our own beliefs. I especially like the 33 Photographs of the Intact Adult Male Foreskin, my only regret being I cannot provide you with a 34th photograph, as much as I would like to.

I am a college educated woman. I majored in biology and took anatomy courses. The function of the foreskin was never discussed, only as a piece of extra skin. Pictures in my college textbooks show a circumcised penis as the male anatomy. What a lie! I always thought circumcision was good because it makes the penis look nicer and keeps it cleaner. After reading all this information, I cannot believe the propaganda I believed! I, a biology student, someone who had studied the human body and (supposedly) knew all its functions! It is obvious that this information needs to become common knowledge so we can stop the sexual mutilations. Two nights in a row I have devoted to reading all I could about the foreskin and circumcision. I am shocked, crying. My husband is circumcised, and I had never before even seen an intact male (being born in the 70's, the percentage of boys being circumcised reaching 95%). I feel such a complete loss, for my husband who has never known complete sexual fulfillment, and for myself. We will never know sexual intercourse as it truly is meant to be. My genitalia seem so different from my husband's, yet with a foreskin, we would share a lot more similarities, and I know I would feel closer to my husband. My husband needs firm manual stimulation in order to achieve orgasm, and often does not enjoy vaginal sex because I don't think it feels as good to him. Two out of three times, he will not reach orgasm and say "it just wouldn't happen." I don't exactly know what this means, but now I plan to be a lot more considerate of my husband's sexual needs, since I now know he will never enjoy an orgasm as I can. I am not sure if I will ever be able to stop mourning our loss, I only know that when my husband and I have children, if we are blessed with a boy, we will never circumcise, and instead teach our son about the gift he has been given.
    Also on your letters page, one person wrote about episiotomies sexually mutilating women. I have never had a child and don't know anything about what can happen with episiotomies. If you have any web pages to suggest for more info, I would appreciate it. Please publish any or all of my letter, anonymously.

The posters of the babies being circumcised and the woman with a knife at her throat are extremely powerful, so powerful that I had a nightmare last night. If they have the same effect on everyone who sees them, I don't even know how to describe the effect they had on me, it's just frightening and true. You hit the nail right on the head.

The angels have a special place in heaven for you! [From an MD. I asked her if she meant "The angels in heaven have a special place for you!" and she said no.]

Your site's not timid, I'll tell you that. It's some of the most "in-your-face" information about circumcision I've seen on the Web. It's just there staring you in the face. There are no two ways about it: circumcision is sick. How can anyone come away from your site with anything but the truth? It also has some unique features, such as the section on erotic circ fetishes and "He didn't even cry" / Febo -- a horrifying story. (It once got removed from a bulletin board for being too graphic.) Your site is easy to get around in -- you can scroll up or down to see what you want to click on and read more about.

You are sick for saying a child is mutilated just because he's circumcised.

I agree with the person who said "The angels have a special place in heaven for you." Those who call you sick and perverted and berate your noble and inspiring work need to do some soul-searching for they seem to be in league with the Devil or even worse, they must be circumcisers!

You are an angel!

Thank you for helping me see the other side of this issue.

The "Recreational/Erotic/Fetish Circumcision" and "Lampshades" pages on your website really shocked me. I am at a complete loss to understand how anyone could want to purchase these lampshades if they have ever experienced the feeling of having an intact penis and understand the violent circumcision which changes it forever. If I ever learn that my foreskin still exists as part of a lampshade whose owner is some sick pervert who likes to touch it and wonder how I felt having it while I was intact and how I feel about having had it taken from me, I would welcome the opportunity to tell him just how I feel.

I want to tell you how grateful I am to people like you who are making people aware of the cruelty of this horrible procedure. I am 16 years old and am not circumcised. I started looking up this subject when questions like "Why do they circumcise people anyway?" came into my head. It was very eye-opening to see what circumcision is really all about. All the power to you and your cause in the world.

I greatly appreciate your work.

The photograph of the 6-year-old Muslim boy about to be circumcised is one of the most disturbing images I have ever seen.

Lawsuits! Lawsuits! Lawsuits! The only way to stop circumcisers is lawsuits! [From an MD]

All the yucky details about weirdos and circumcision "clubs" give me the willies! I never would have imagined anything that strange existed. The thought had never entered my mind, for sure. Plus as a mom it makes me worried that some nutcase might one day target one of my kids because my sons are normal and they aren't.

Thank you so much for saying what needs to be said. I really admire what you are doing.

Your letter to Parents Magazine is not only epic but profound in its offer for a paradigm shift of mythic proportions.

[The following letter is reprinted in its entirety with the author's permission.]

I have decided to give your website, In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child, my AlternaMoms Award for November, 1998 in the category of Best Site in a Genre. This has been long overdue, in my opinion. Your website is partially to thank for our decision to leave our son Stephen (now 9 months old) intact; it has also planted the idea of restoring his foreskin in my husband's mind. I have noticed that you do not display any awards on your site -- and I have a feeling that you have received more than just mine. I do not expect you to display my award -- but I will still link to your site on my awards page, which is at http://www.alternamoms.com/awardsgiven.html.
       This award to you is probably one of the most important I have ever given. I really feel that you deserve it. You are saving little boys from a needless procedure. Keep up the great work.
       Again, congratulations on a job well done.
Stephen's mama, Heather Kalisiak
creator/owner of AlternaMoms Unite!
ICQ #13547618

I referred two reporters to your site. Thanks for putting together such a straightforward and informative site. I have referred many people to it.

Your site is now [10 Dec 98] the main leading topic in the bulletin board discussion about circumcision at http://www.babycenter.com. Your excellent site is doing a lot of good in my opinion.

"I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy" is stomach-turning not because it is true but because it forces one to consider that this disturbed man may very well have been a pediatrician or obstetrician. What other career would have been as attractive to him? It is a stain on the medical profession that criminally psychotic perverts can openly infiltrate it and act out fantasies like this and get paid to act them out as well. Does this also explain why circumcisers prefer to circumcise babies during off hours in sound-proof rooms closed off from the rest of the hospital? What better place for the circumpervert to act out his fantasies on baby boys without fear of getting caught?
       Most people are simply unaware of this sickening, darker side of circumcision. The people of the United States and the rest of the world must realize, for their own sake, that the circumcision problem is not just a matter of scientific error, misinformation, or greed; it is also, and perhaps more fundamentally, a problem of criminal, psychosexual sadism. If it were just a problem of greed, doctors would have figured out more lucrative ways to gouge clients. If it were just a question of scientific error or misinformation, circumcision would have been rejected in the U.S. just as it was and continues to be rejected in Europe.
       Something else has to be driving the circumcision mania of doctors. I think you have uncovered what that driving force is: predatory sexual sadism. Circumcision is not just the "rape of the phallus," it is the rape of little boys. Circumcisers are not doctors who have gone wrong. Circumcisers are sexual predators who have infiltrated the medical profession. They are exactly like the child molesters who infiltrate the Boy Scouts. It is the same ruse.
       No jail sentence could be too long for these knife-wielding molesters who commit their grisly crimes against innocent children. No electric chair could be too hot for these fiends, to send them back to the hell they came from.

"I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy" totally gave me the creeps. [From an RN]

I found "I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy" interesting and erotic.

What a weird story ["I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy"]. $50 for 10 minutes equals $300.00 per hour. I'd let someone be a freak with my foreskin for $200.00.

It's 4 o'clock in the morning here in Norway now, but I'm too shocked to sleep. Have just visited your page about circumcision, and feel so upset about this crime. This is not common in Norway, I actually think it is forbidden, and this is the first time I have learned so much about it. Keep up the good work.

It seems you're becoming famous in a weird way, fighting for sanity. I believe you've found your gift for this life.

A newspaper reporter I gave some information to for an article he's writing about circumcision was floored by your site!!!!

I like your website very much! [From a pediatrician who no longer performs or recommends circumcision]

Sometimes I forget I'm circumcised, sometimes I want to forget it all and live my life as best I can. But when I read articles on your site or such, I can't close my eyes. When I really get conscious while reading or when I go into introspection or look at my penis with my eyes and mind open, I can't close my eyes. Reality always gets back to me one way or the other. Circumcision is not normal, comprehensible or acceptable. Circumcision is an aberration and a crime. I will never be whole.

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