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In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child

"... the essence of circumcision
in the harsh light of open truth"

I am a visitor to your site "In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child." I think this is a great site and service to the public. However, I find it quite distasteful that you imply ["Feelings Too Violent to Describe"] that circumcision leads to homosexuality, as if being gay or bisexual is another bad thing. Isn't intactivism about respect for fellow human beings?? I am very curious to know why you may feel otherwise.

I just visited your page. I saw only a few of the photos. I am a mother and cannot look at them without crying. I have two boys, 2.5 years old and 2 months old. The thought never crossed our minds to do this horrible thing to our babies! Your site is graphic but it needs to be shown to people who have these awful beliefs that this needs to be done for cleanliness, to stop masturbation, to look like dad or because God says so. Our sons are beautiful, healthy, intact, and happy! Never would we have thought of putting them through unnecessary pain of having part of their bodies cut off! I will have to revisit and read the written things. I can't handle the photos. Thank you for this very potent site!

Thank you for your web site. I am an American female who was never informed on exactly what circumcision is. My boyfriend is not circumcised and I was still confused on the whole matter so I wanted to find out more information. Your website helped me in doing so. Thank you.

In your photos of babies during circumcision, the circumcised baby with his penis bandaged does not look unhappy. It looks like a normal baby, very young, who all have that "worried look" on their face. A good sharp knife, according to all the men I've ever talked to, including those who do the procedure themselves, does not hurt. Have you not ever nicked yourself with a razor (straight), or an Exacto knife? If it is very sharp there will be very little pain. Try it some day, you'll see.
       Many men like myself who have been circumcised at an older age (i.e. 25) find circumcised sex just as good, if not better, than before the procedure. I think you should show some of those men's testimonies. I would much rather have sex circumcised than uncircumcised, never mind the risk of infection, and all that yukky smegma that hovers around the uncircumcised man. Glad to be rid of that. Yes, I read the part about smegma being like a skin softener. Use handcream, it does a great job.

Your site (In Memory...) was one of the first I found on the web, and I was astounded. Thanks for all your work and caring.

I wonder if I have a law suit? After seeing your web site I am totally jealous. My mom had mine cut. She had to have been mislead.

I just visited your web site and found the information both painful and shocking. I was searching for sites about circumcision because I have been feeling horrible about having my son circumcised (he is now 4). When he was born, my wife insisted he be circumcised because her son (from a previous marriage) "had" to be circumcised because of complications caused by a doctor pulling his foreskin back when he was very young. I gave in to her request but was horrified as I watched them circumcise my son - but by then it was too late. This has bothered me for many years, and my wife will not talk to me about it. I am angry at the doctors - I feel that I was NOT informed, and had someone taken 10 minutes to go over the options and risks I would have stopped the mutilation of my son. I need somewhere to turn for support - I dream about my child's screams. I am angry at myself for not standing my ground, since even before I gave in I viewed circumcision as unnecessary. I feel I was mislead and rushed into a decision I now regret. I would sue the bastards if I could - I had a right to know what the procedure involved BEFORE it was happening in front of me. I would appreciate any information (support groups, legal action, etc.) you can provide. My son is a wonderful, bright, loving child and I cannot believe what I allowed to happen to him. Thank you for "listening."

I looked through your web site and think it is wonderful. As a mother of 2, one a boy, I think it is a great site for anyone thinking about having or pregnant with a child. I had my little boy Sept. 97 and we had thought about circumcision, but when I saw how perfect and whole he was there was no way I would do that to him. Even my husband, who is cut, did not want to do it to our son. The doctor said she would freeze him if we were worried about pain but I said No, he was whole and perfect when he came out he will stay that way till he dies. I also told her I had no right to do that to him, he did not give me his consent. She thought I was a little weird as she does this often to little boys. If it illegal to do it to girls and women, WHY IS NOT ILLEGAL TO DO IT TO INNOCENT LITTLE PERFECT BOYS???? I know I would not want my clitoris cut off especially without freezing. I am 27 and even if I had 10 boys there is no way someone could pay me to do that to my sons. I have also noticed with friends who had boys the boys who were done were crankier, more temperamental and more unpleasant as opposed to the boys who were not. My son is happy, fun, very loving, and is going to grow old knowing I didn't hurt him just for being born. Again, thank you for a wonderful Web Site.

Well, I can see your [sic] an anti Circ. Clown. All I can say is that NO self respecting male would go through life uncut. Circ. is a status symble [sic] in the US, and uncuts are considered the lowest end of the scale. If your [sic] not cut you ain't shit.

I agree with everything you say. I was very surprised to learn so many people in North America circumcise their sons. The culture and people here in Israel are not so liberal as in the U.S. We feel we're in a war when our sons are born.

Your statements [Infant Circumcision: Crime Against Humanity] are eloquent. The amazing thing to me is that they are actually statements of the obvious, or what should be obvious! It doesn't require any particular background or political philosophy or religious orientation or agenda. It simply requires the exercising of what is apparently the least common of all senses in this country, COMMON SENSE! Anyone in favor of circumcision can arrive at their position by only two means: ignorance or cruelty. Most are ignorant and we must continue to strive to educate them, especially doctors. Thanks for your efforts in that direction.

I just went through your pictures, you are 100% right, anyone who doers that to the children is a barbaric and a criminal, and should not be allowed to do that. I am very sorry for the lost of that child. very very sorry.
       I am again inviting you to one of my performance, you will be surprised.
       I was right by telling you that my ancestor did the right thing. It is a gruesome pictures and acts that should not be forgiven, you and me and everyone with a little brain in their heads should rise up against this kind of performance that is in your pictures. it is awful. That is not what my G-od has comanded [sic]. good luck to you. I promise you If g-od forbid one of the babies or the adults had the same results, I will stop doing it. that is why I do not carry a malpractice insurance. Thank G-od I do only the best job possible.
[From a mohel]

Your site really helped me get going in this movement again. You inspired me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

This is a dangerously powerful web site, chock full of incredible information about circumcision. This whole situation regarding involuntary neonatal circumcision is getting very, very dangerous, because after inspecting this web site and performing the necessary research, many people may become so sick, so ill, so insulted, so offended, so angry, that some of them may begin to wonder if the death penalty is enough of a punishment for the perpetrators of any and all forms of infant circumcision.

I myself have had a circumcision and find that I am very happy with the way my penis looks. I feel it is more hygienic. My sex life is just fine. I am happy with the sensations and so is my mate. I would do it to my child.

You deserve the Pulitzer Prize.

Many years ago I lost a lot of sleep over the maliciousness and cruelty of female genital mutilation and got involved with FORWARD, an organization campaigning against it. Having taken an interest in the issue I became more and more frustrated by assertions that it cannot be compared with male circumcision, which was widely thought to be harmless. I KNEW that almost all my sensitivity was in my foreskin, and that the glans was an almost completely insensitive vestigial hook. I had arguments with women in pubs, saying "Look, I've GOT one; I know which bits are sensitive," but they just wouldn't believe me. At last I have found your site and a few others, confirming what I always knew. I am none the wiser as to what possesses people to attack their children's genitals.

Just ran across your web page in search of some answers. I would like to thank you for taking the time and doing a wonderful job! I requested my birth records recently. I am planning to write a letter to the man who botched me up.

I visited your web site last night. I appreciate your activism over the years to bring attention and thoughtful consideration to stop routine infant circumcision. Your site contains an awful lot of good stuff. I hope, as I know you do, that it will advance the cause of stopping routine infant circumcision.

I was circumcised at birth, like most children of my parent's religion (notably not my own). As an adult, I feel this was a gross violation of my personal property. Confusing, I see it, that the religious sects that take up arms over abortion are so casual about the sexual mutilation of infants. It's the worst and most accepted form of child abuse, and I am a victim.
       I wish more than anything I could do something - anything - press charges even. The irony and sickening sadness of circumcision, like infant rape, is that in most states by the time a victim has become fully aware and an adult, it no longer possible to take legal action.
       It is therefore the government's responsibility to protect infant rights, and I feel it has failed me. There's no way I can recover my own dignity and sexual unit that was so perversely robbed of me.
       Laws need to change. Rape is illegal, yet sexual mutilation - which is physically more damaging and likely to be as damaging mentally - is ENCOURAGED?
       The first step in purging society of its compulsion to sexually mutilate children is to educate, raise awareness, and fight ignorance. As a victim, I thank you for your work in this field. Part of me is destroyed, and my hope is simply that future generations don't have to suffer from this barbaric and perverse ritual.
       Feel free to post any of my comments, anonymously for obvious reasons.

Beautiful site.

I applaud you for being so vocal about the issue of circumcision. Not enough people in the States are educated about it. It's sad to see such ignorance result in an unnecessary surgical procedure that destroys the normal function of the penis. I am very bitter about my circumcision. I am now becoming much more outspoken on the issue. Coming out of the closet has helped.

I have to take your website in small doses. I just read about Febo, the dog. I used to have a sweet, smart, loving collie who disappeared one day, along with several other dogs in the neighborhood. Now I think I know where they went and it makes me sick. Newborn babies are of course in the same boat as Febo, unable to speak for themselves, at the mercy of "human" robots who voluntarily give themselves over to inhuman institutions. I used to doubt the existence of the devil, now I think I know what the devil is. Thank you for having the courage to look the beast in the eye.

Awesome site! I really love what Howard Stern said about circumcision! I have a webpage at http://josh.bakehorn.net/circ.html I think you will like. It is a sarcastic look at the "benefits" of circumcision. I would very much like you to link to it from your site. I will definitely put a link to your site on mine. It's great!

As far as convincing someone to keep their son intact, I believe www.SexuallyMutilatedChild.org is a well thought out and laid out site. I was in tears through most of it. My husband and I had discussed when we married that if we had any sons they would be left intact. Unfortunately, no sons. Your site would have convinced me, especially the mothers' quotes.

I'm pregnant with my first child and do not yet know the sex. I was going to have my child circumcised if it was a boy mainly because of my husband's wishes. His main reason for wanting this procedure was purely aesthetic. Thanks to your site I won't let anyone hurt my son.

I found your website to be very informative. My husband and I feel, however, that we have made the right decision to have our son circumcised. My husband was circumcised in his teens for medical reasons. Not only does he have no memory of it, but this is his compelling argument against it. The choice is still a personal one, whether it be for aesthetic or medical purpose. His only regret is that he endured 6 months of pain before agreeing to the procedure. Apparently, it is the best thing he could have done.

Your site mentions "all the children throughout history who have died at the hands of sexual mutilators" yet fails to even acknowledge female circumcision -- only shows two photographs without a followup.
      Your site fails to mention the horrors of female circumcision and how this mutilation kills many more young girls than men or boys.
      Your site does not mention how female circumcision is an atrocity not only practiced in West, East and Central Africa, but also in Malaysia, the Middle East, and cases have been reported in New Orleans and France.
      If your site begins with "In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child" and you only mention male circumcision, you should replace "Child" with "Boy." I was horrified at this lack of mention when the term "child" never has implied "male." Over half a million women and girls are being mutilated every year.
      By having this site (which contains much information and changed my mind about male circumcision -- if I have a male child, he will never be circumcised) you should mention the thousands of girls dying from this, the depression, the suffering, the transmission of AIDS and how it defaces all forms of circumcision.
      All forms of circumcision should be eradicated, not just male.
      Thank you.

[Posted to the newsgroup alt.circumcision 6/24/99.]
This is a very powerful web site, chock full of emotional anecdotal reports, impressive scientific facts, and other shocking information about involuntary infant circumcision.
      If there is one child in the world every year who dies from the experience of the operation known as circumcision, or if there is one child in the world every year who must experience sexual transgender surgery because of a lost penis due to circumcision, then what does that say about this entire practice, and what do you say to the transgender survivors who will want answers to the critical questions in their lives?
      Have you been guilty of this crime, or guilty of supporting the perpetuation of this criminal practice? If so, it is not too late to stop, and you can follow your religion of choice while not participating in these acts; ways can be found to do this, or they already exist and you can discover them. And it would be wise on your part if you began helping to alleviate the suffering of babies and children of the world, as opposed to imposing such pain, suffering, sadness, and regret upon their beautiful little souls.

I want to comment on your impressive web site. The sequence of photos of the intact penis with markings that show how the foreskin retracts to produce an impressive area is very convincing. One could ask, how could anyone observe this amount of skin covering that is lost to circumcision and still proceed? But I suppose the answers are that 1) Most parents/doctors giving permission to circumcise never inform themselves of the true anatomical loss by viewing your site (or something similar) and 2) The urge to circumcise is so ingrained in so many people that DENIAL is a reflexive action and they just don't accept the obvious facts.
      The taut skin on the circumcised penis is much too taut during erection and penetration to provide any of the gliding sensations experienced by the intact penis as the glans is alternately covered and uncovered by foreskin during the thrusts of coitus. The increased unpleasant friction to both partners without the foreskin sleeve should be apparent.

I've read your entire site. It's what motivated me to start informing people about circumcision in the first place and one of two sites I direct most people to. I've printed large portions of it which I keep in a 4" binder in my office.

Hello and greetings from Turkey. Being Turkish and a Moslem, I was never asked if I wanted to be circumcised. I remember the day I was circumcised at a hospital. I was 8 years old. The usual age for circumcision in Turkey is between 6 to 13. No anesthetics are used. In fact "the child has to suffer the pain!" is the idea. That is "if he wants to become a real man!" The ceremony involves a lot of guests invited to watch the child, held motionless by a strong man (called the "kirve" in Turkish) and his foreskin cut off. He shouts and screams and cries while the crowd laughs and the clown sings stupid songs with words like "it is done and over. It is gone forever."
      My case was a little different. I was circumcised at a hospital because my parents were semi-ignorant about the whole fact and they didn't want non sterilized equipment used to cut my foreskin off. They were never that wise though to realize that actually it was all unnecessary, and NOT A PART OF ISLAM AT ALL! Read through the Koran, and there is not a single mention of it. It is all because of stupid conservative people who keep telling that "Hz. Mohammed was born circumcised." "So what?" I ask skeptically. I am not against religion or Islam. In fact I believe in Islam, but not as the others interpret it. I believe in it the way I interpret it. I still feel sorry, hurt, and desperate to have Islam and stupid traditions as an excuse to remove my foreskin leaving me with a desensitized penis. Day by day, year by year, I felt that it lost more and more of its sensitivity. And although I still have pretty good a sex life, I fear that if this goes on at this pace, at an age of 40 I may not be able to feel anything! I don't think I will ever forgive my parents for what they have done to me. Circumcision reversal may not give back everything that's lost but I will go for it JUST TO PROTEST what has been removed from me.
      Few days ago at a major Turkish daily newspaper called "Hurriyet" there was the news about a child who was afraid of blood and was to be circumcised. His parents decided he MUST be circumcised. And also decided that he should be circumcised at a hospital with the help of laser. But the intensity (or application time?) of laser was more than required. And his glans started to get more and more pink. And then they finally realized it was decaying. His glans was now completely decayed. Now the family is preparing to sue the doctor. Should they not blame themselves before the doctor??? The mom says "They have ruined the happiness and the future of my son." The doctors say "We may attempt to reconstruct the glans with some plastic surgery when the kid is 18!" But it won't have the sensitivity. The kid is destined to have a ruined sexuality. An unhappy life. Probably will suffer emotionally also. And for WHAT!??? Religion? Tradition?? RELIGION IS GOD'S WORDS? Would God say "Hey, I have created human beings, but I am afraid I have made a mistake in putting a foreskin on their glans. Remove it!" CIRCUMCISION IS AGAINST RELIGION! MY RELIGION THAT IS! ISLAM! And any other REAL RELIGION. This is simple LOGIC! Is God not able to create human beings with no foreskins?!
      I have digitized the pages from the newspaper and I am attaching these files to this E-Mail. Hope this would count as "contribution" to your fight. If you decide to publish these on your web page, please use my initials only and not my full name. Thank you very much. Best wishes from Turkey.

I hope there is a special place in hell for circumcisers and those who perpetuate the lies that keep them in business. Plastic, stupid American suburban Moms and their greedy, sadistic pediatricians. Ron Goldman and Dr. Dean Edell have been instrumental in helping me to overcome a tendency toward Naziism. As you quote someone on your website, "Antisemitism comes easily to a circumcised Gentile." I am so grateful to you, Jim Bigelow, Wayne Griffiths and all the others who have pioneered the crusade--that's what it is--against the most widespread and appalling injustice of this century. Through their efforts I have been made aware that my rage and bitterness are shared by many. And more importantly, I've been able to erase the visual sign of this atrocity from my flesh. This was a prayer I had all but given up having answered, yet I now have the appearance of being whole. Ann Landers and "Dr." Laura may continue to decry the foul odor of smegma, but I don't need these putrid old hags sniffing around my crotch anyhow!


We just got internet service and I visited "Sexually Mutilated Child" for the first time (I had tried it at the library, but it was labelled "sexually explicit" and would not come up. What kind of person would consider that "sexually explicit"?!) After viewing it, I have to say thank you. It is so tender and I can feel the love and care you put into it, as well as the anger towards the circumcisers.

I admire your site more and more every time I visit. I love your style. Because of your efforts, you saved me from doing a site just like it! Thanks for bringing such a site to the public. Keep up your work. Your site is a benchmark for the other sites to be compared to.

I am mortified. I am going to use the 4-year-old's severed penis jpg on the music video I'm making. Do you think it will be a hit on MTV?

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your web site! As a 28 year old intact male who has been thinking about getting circumcised for the past 2 years I have one thing to say. I'm glad I never went through with it and now NEVER will. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me realize what a sadistic practice it really is. Tomorrow I will hug my parents and tell them: "Thank you for not having me cut."

Possibly the most powerful source of information about the damage caused by circumcision available on the internet. [Comment with the link to this site at NORM (National Organization of Restoring Men) - Southern California]

I am the mom of intact twin boys, and I want you to know how much I approve of your web site!
     This month's Discover magazine (November) has an article about the Organogenesis "artificial" skin. The only line in the article about the foreskin "donors" says something to the effect of "Organogenesis obtains foreskins from women who agree before delivery to hand over their sons' DISCARDS" (emphasis is mine). I want to write a letter to Discover, objecting to the total lack of respect shown to these "donors," and further objecting to the calm acceptance of this practice. On your page describing the sale of foreskins, you have a wonderful list of questions (such as "Is it ethical to cut off a baby's foreskin, charge his parents for the operation, sell his foreskin without telling his parents, and keep the money? Is it legal?") I would like to use some of these questions, or variations thereof, in my letter. Would that be OK with you?
     Thank you for your dedication to this cause.

Thank you for all of the incredible information. I visited your site several times before my sons were born in an effort to obtain as much information as I could. I would like to see more of this information pushed to child-birth educators. I was lucky in that the woman who ran the class I took was against circ, but she didn't have the resources of the internet. Getting this information out seems a priority.
     On another note, I truly believe that the best way to severely cut down on circumcisions in America is to get the insurance companies to stop paying for it. If it isn't paid for, not only will people think twice about it, but maybe health care professionals will start going out of their way to explain the pros and cons (as if there are pros) to parents. I hear from so many doctors how they don't feel they are in the right in multilating our children, yet they don't tell the parents how they feel.
     Good work.

One thousand times thank you, for your immense courage in exposing circumcision for what it is! I am referring everyone I know to your website. Please continue this excellent work.

An extensive collection of poignant and brutally honest text and explicit pictures that really "Tells it like it is." This site pulls no punches, and reveals the essence of circumcision in the harsh light of open truth. [Comment at http://search.aol.com/, 10/29/99. (Search "circumcision".)]

I spent many hours at your site about circumcision and must say thank you for the information you've provided.
     I am pregnant at 5 1/2 months and hadn't thought much about NOT having circumcision done if I had a boy. No one ever told me it was bad. In fact, of those I've asked their opinion about it since I visited your site, they (all men) simply casually replied it was a good thing and helped keep the penis clean and "prevent infections." After visiting your site, I now know I could never do it to my baby. It's not only barbaric in procedure, but the lasting effects are even more so.
     I'm 29 years old and have been sexually active since 15. I have agonized more than I could describe over the fact I've not only never enjoyed sexual intercourse but found it physically quite painful. I've cried many nights and even lost an 11-year relationship with a man I loved because I could no longer emotionally face sex at all. It was traumatic and I always assumed there was something wrong with ME. I've seen doctors, been to therapy, but found no relief from the physical, emotional and spiritual pain. After reading your information about how the male organ is naturally designed for comfort and pleasure for both male and female, I cried. It made perfect sense and confirmed my own personal discoveries about sex: that when large amounts of extra lubrication are provided, sex is much more comfortable; that when I once had sex with a man who was not circumcised, it was hardly painful at all; that the pain and soreness I experienced are identical to the pain and soreness of any common skin abrasion. I've learned it isn't my fault after all and I'm not abnormal.
     I'm now recently married, and I plan to talk to my husband soon about foreskin restoration and plead if I must. It would benefit both of us and will hopefully stop any deteriorization of our sexual relationship that's already in progress.
     Thank you so much for your effort to get the truth out about circumcision. More people should know, and I don't plan on keeping it secret.

This world is and will be a better place thanks to your efforts to educate the public. Your efforts are not in vain!

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