Medical Journal Articles Documenting

The Complications of Circumcision

"If a child who has undergone a sex change is reared
properly, she probably would suffer little consequence
from the operation, except that she could not have a baby."

Roy Witherington, MD, Chairman, Department of Urology
Medical College of Georgia in Atlanta (quoted)
"Sex change should give circumcision victim 'near-normal' life"
Atlanta Constitution, 21 September 1985

"To make an informed choice, parents of all male
infants should be given accurate and unbiased information."

Circumcision Policy Statement
American Academy of Pediatrics
March 1, 1999

There are literally hundreds of medical journal articles documenting the complications of circumcision. Some published from 1940 to 1998 are listed below.

Bleeding after circumcision. Gold S. Canadian Medical Association Journal 1940;43:473.

Wound diphtheria in the newborn infant following circumcision. Rosenstein JL. Journal of Pediatrics 1941;18:657-658.

Osteomyelitis of femur (probably due to circumcision) in infant. Altman H. Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Diseases 1946;7:109-113.

Tuberculosis of the penis: a report of 5 new cases, and a complete review of the literature. Lewis EL. Journal of Urology 1946;56:737-745.

Total denudation of the penis. Editor/ Banham. Urologic and Cutaneous Review 1949;53:309.

Gangrene of penis following circumcision with high frequency current; plastic reconstruction of penis. Hamm WG, Kanthak FF. Southern Medical Journal 1949;42:657-659.

Reconstruction of penis with split-thickness skin graft; case of gangrene following circumcision for acute balanitis. Thorek P, Paul E. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1949;4:469-472.

Amputation of the penis as a complication of circumcision. Lerner, BL. Medical Record and Annals 1952;46:229-231.

Surgical reconstruction of the penis. Brown JB, Fryer MP. GP 1958;17:104-107.

Plastic repair of the denuded penis. Wilson CL, Wilson MC. Southern Medical Journal 1959;52:288-290.

Excessive penile skin loss from circumcision. Van Duyn J, Warr WS. Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia 1962;51:394-396.

Meatal ulceration following neonatal circumcision. MacKenzie AR. Obstetrics and Gynecology 1967;28:221-223.

Hazards of circumcision. Editor. Practitioner 1967;198:611.

Glans necrosis as a complication of circumcision. Rosefsky JB. Pediatrics 1967:39:774-776.

Penile urethral fistula as a complication of circumcision. Limaye RD, Hancock RA. Journal of Pediatrics 1968;72:105-106.

Hazards of plastic bell circumcisions. Malo T, Bonforte RJ. Obstetrics and Gynecology 1969;33:869.

Thirty years of ritual circumcisions: appraisal of personal experiences, after-care and postcircumcision complications. Schlosberg C. Clinical Pediatrics 1971;10:205-209.

Circumcision complicated by pulmonary embolism. Curtis JEA. Nursing Mirror 1971;132:28-30.

Concealed penis: another complication of circumcision. Trier WC, Drach GW. American Journal of Diseases of Children 1973;125:276-277.

Impotence and adult circumcision. Stinson JM. Journal of the National Medical Association 1973;65:161,179.

Preputial skin-bridging: complication of circumcision. Klauber GT, Boyle J. Urology 1974;3:722-723.

Neonatal septicemia after circumcision. Kirkpatrick BV, Eitzman DV. Clinical Pediatrics 1974;13:767-768.

Complication of ritual circumcision in Israel. Frand M, Berant N, Brand N, Rotem Y. Pediatrics 1974;54:521.

Ablatio penis: normal male infant sex-reassigned as a girl. Money J. Archives of Sexual Behavior 1975;4:65-71.

Urinary retention due to ritual circumcision. Berman W. Pediatrics 1975;56:621.

Reconstruction following iatrogenic burn of the penis. Pearlman CK. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 1976;11:121-122.

Abdominal distension following ritual circumcision. Horwitz J, Schussheim A, Schalettar HW. Pediatrics 1976;57:579.

Iatrogenic microphallus secondary to circumcision. Levitt SB, Smith RB, Ship AG. Urology 1976;8:472-474.

Neonatal meningitis and circumcision. Scurlock JM, Pemberton TJ. Medical Journal of Australia 1977;1:332-334.

Circumcision and obstructive renal disease. Linshaw MA. Pediatrics 1977;59:790.

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome: a complication of circumcision. Annunziato D, Goldblum LM. American Journal of Diseases of Children 1978;132:1187-1188.

Impotence following anesthesia for elective circumcision. Palmer JM, Link D. Journal of the American Medical Association 1979;241:2635-2636.

Gangrene of the penis after circumcision. Du Toit DF, Villet WT. South African Medical Journal 1979;55:521-522.

Overwhelming infection with Group B Beta-Hemolytic streptococcus associated with circumcision. Cleary TG, Kohl S. Pediatrics 1979;64:301-303.

The case against neonatal circumcision. Fleiss PM, Douglass J. British Medical Journal 1979;2:554.

Necrotizing fasciitis after neonatal circumcision. Woodside JR. American Journal of Diseases of Children 1980;134:301-302.

Circumcision disasters. Cleary TG, Kohl S. Pediatrics 1980;65:1053-1054.

Successful replantation of a traumatically amputated penis in a neonate. Izzidien AY. Journal of Pediatrics 1981;16:202-203.

Necrosis of the glans penis following neonatal circumcision. Sterenberg N, Golan J, Ben-Hur N. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1981;68:237-236.

Plastic reconstruction of partially amputated penis at circumcision. Hanash KA. Urology 1981;18:291-293.

Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome: a complication of circumcision. Anday EK, Kobori J. Clinical Pediatrics 1982;21:420.

Myocardial injury following immediate postnatal circumcision. Ruff ML, Clarke TA, Harris JP, Bartels EK, Rosenzweig M. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1982;144:850-851.

Penile adhesion: the hidden complication of circumcision. Gracely-Kilgore KA. Nurse Practitioner 1984;9:22-24.

Acute gangrene of the scrotum in a one month old child. Evbuamwan I, Aliu AS. Tropical and Geographical Medicine 1984;36:299-300.

Penoplasty for buried penis secondary to radical circumcision. Radhakrishnan J, Reyes HM. Journal of Pediatrics 1984;19:629-631

Penile denudation injuries after circumcision. Sotolongo JR Jr, Hoffman S, Gribetz ME. Journal of Urology 1985;133:102-103.

Complications de la circoncision rituelle [Complications of ritual circumcision]. Gross PH[?], Pages R, Bourdelat D. Chirurgie Pédiatrique 1986;27:224-2265.

Impetigo in newborn infants associated with a plastic bell clamp circumcision. Stranko J, Ryan ME, Bowman AM. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 1986;5:597-599.

Tachycardia and heart failure after ritual circumcision. Mor A, Eshel G, Aladjem M, Mundel G. Archives of Disease in Childhood 1987;62:80-81.

Circumcision complications and indications for ritual recircumcision - clinical experience and review of the literature. Breuer GS, Walfisch S. Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 1987;23:252-256.

Mechanical complications of circumcision with a Gomco clamp. Feinberg AN, Blazek MA. American Journal of Diseases of Children 1988;142:813-814.

Methemoglobinemia following neonatal circumcision. Mandel S. Journal of the American Medical Association 1989;261:702.

Total ablation of the penis after circumcision with electrocautery: a method of management and long-term followup. Gearhart JP, Rock JA. Journal of Urology 1989;142:799-801.

Scrotal abscess with bacteremia caused by salmonella Group D after ritual circumcision. Uwyyed K, Korman SH, Bar-Oz B, Vromen A. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 1990;9:65-66.

Ruptured bladder following circumcision using the Plastibell device. Jee LD, Millar AJW. British Journal of Urology 1990;65:216-217.

Skin bridge - a complication of paediatric circumcision. Sathaye UV, Goswami AK, Sharma SK. British Journal of Urology, 1990;66:214.

Gastric rupture associated with prolonged crying in a newborn undergoing circumcision. Connelly KP, Shropshire LC, Salzberg A. Clinical Pediatrics 1992;31:560-561.

Toxic methaemoglobinaemia after circumcision. Ozbek N, Sarikayalar F. European Journal of Pediatrics 1993;152:80.

Keloid of the penis after circumcision. Warwick DJ, Dickson WA. Postgraduate Medical Journal 1993;69:236-237.

Phallic construction in prepubertal and adolescent boys. Gilbert DA, Jordan GH, Devine CJ Jr, Winslow BH, Schlossberg SM. Journal of Urology 1993;149:1521-1526.

Pathogenesis of post-circumcision adhesions. Attalla MF, Taweela NM. Pediatric Surgery International 1994;9:103-105.

Botched circumcisions. Miya PA. American Journal of Nursing 1994;94:56.

Penile reconstruction following post-circumcision penile gangrene. Ahmed S, Shetty SD, Anandan N, Patil KP, Ibrahim A.I.A. Pediatric Surgery International 1994;9:295-296.

Buried penis as a contraindication for circumcision. Alter GJ, Horton CE Jr; Horton CE. Journal of the American College of Surgeons 1994;178:487-490.

Male ritual circumcision resulting in acute renal failure. Eason JD, McDonnell M, Clark G. British Medical Journal 1994;309:660-661.

Iatrogenic penile gangrene: 10-year follow-up. Kural S. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1995;95:210-211.

Clinical presentation and pathophysiology of meatal stenosis following circumcision. Persad R, Sharma S, McTavish J, Imber C, Mouriquand PD. British Journal of Urology 1995;75:91-93.

Newborn penile glans amputation during circumcision and successful reattachment. Gluckman GR, Stoller ML, Jacobs MM, Kogan BA. Journal of Urology 1995153:778-779.

Serious complications of routine ritual circumcision in a neonate: hydro-ureteroephrosis, amputation of glans penis, and hyponatraemia. Kanukoglu A, Danielli L, Katzir Z, Gorenstein A, Fried D. European Journal of Pediatrics 1995;154:314-315.

Bipolar diathermy haemostasis during circumcision. Marsh SK, Archer TJ. British Journal of Surgery 1995;82:533.

Amputations with use of adult-size scissors-type circumcision clamps on infants. Editor. Health Devices 1995;24:286-287.

Amputation of distal penile glans during neonatal ritual circumcision - a rare complication. Neulander E, Walfisch S, Kaneti J. British Journal of Urology 1995;77:924-925.

Partial amputation of glans penis during Mogen clamp circumcision. Strimling BS. Pediatrics 1996;97:906-907.

Circumcision: successful glanular reconstruction and survival following traumatic amputation. Sherman J, Borer JG, Horowitz M, Glassberg KI. Journal of Urology 1996;156:842-844.

Sex reassignment at birth: long-term review and clinical implications. Diamond M, Sigmundson K. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 1997;151:298-304.

Amputation of the penis during traditional circumcision. Ameh EA, Sabo SY, Muhammad I. Tropical Doctor 1997;27:117.

Necrotizing fasciitis after plastibell circumcision. Bliss DP Jr, Healey PJ, John HT Waldhausen. Journal of Pediatrics 1997;131:459-462.

Surgical repair of urethral circumcision injuries. Baskin LS, Canning DA, Snyder III HM, Duckett Jr JW. Journal of Urology 1997;158:2269-2271.

Reconstruction of the penis after necrosis due to circumcision. Belkacem R, Amrani A, Benabdellah F, Outarahout O. Ann-Urol-Paris 1997;31(5):322-5.

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