Miscellaneous Documents

A Day at the Fair -- Susan Peer (Parents of Intact Sons)

Baby Boy Steals Circumstraint -- Richard DeSeabra

Call It What It Is: Child Abuse -- Gary L. Harryman

Circumcision Variations -- Ron Redmond

The End of Circumcision in America -- George C. Denniston, MD

Lysozyme in moisture under foreskin kills HIV

"Parents of intact boys should be raising intactivists" -- Lisa Bisque ("A 13-year-old intact boy should be fully prepared to compassionately meet the challenge of teasing from circumcised males. A 16-year-old intact boy should be ready to take a political stance against the physical assault of the circumcision of his brothers.")

Phimosis in antiquity -- Frederick M. Hodges

Universal Covenant of Ecumenics International -- Anastasios Zavales

The Unkindest Cut of All -- John M. Foley, MD

What Better Way? -- Wayne Hampton

Ari Zighelboim's review of Circumcision, Strictly Speaking, by Gerald N. Weiss, MD, on www.amazon.com ("Circumcision thrives in ignorance and deceptiveness.")

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