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In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child


By Quinn Ambriel Baker

"STOP!!" (Cartoon by Steve Breen)


33 Photographs of the Intact Adult Male Foreskin

Baby being circumcised in U.S. hospital

Baby right after being circumcised

Baby strapped to Circumstraint

CARV (Citizens Against Ritual Violence)

Circumcised baby with bandaged penis

Circumciser tearing baby's foreskin from his glans

Circumcision Scars

"Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity."

Foreskin Restoration (Glans Re-covering)

Four-year-old Saudi Arabian boy's penile stump, severed penis, and "successful" reattachment after ritual circumcision

Intact adult penis and circumcised adult penis side by side

Intact boy doll

Jacob Sweet

Miscellaneous Photographs

Mohel sucking blood from baby's penis

Mother embracing son whose glans was destroyed during laser circumcision in Turkey

One Baby's Experience

Six-year-old Muslim boy about to be circumcised

"These crimes will never be forgotten ..."

This is how most males born in the U.S. today are welcomed into the world.

This seven-year-old girl's clitoris has just been cut off.

Three foreskin restorations in progress

The Three Zones of Penile Skin

Tommy Lee Jones with his baby son

Turkish boy being circumcised

"We support nurses who won't circumcise"

"What happens to you here is forever." (Circumciser crushing off baby's foreskin with Sheldon clamp)


"Circumcise me?" (Open letter to routine infant circumcision advocates Edgar J. Schoen, MD; Gerald N. Weiss, MD; and Thomas E. Wiswell, MD)

Circumcision Policy Statement, American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Circumcision, March 1, 1999

Cover of FACT Magazine July-August 1966

Drawing by Casey Ryan Miller, age 14

The Face of an Unmutilated Child

"I can hold a sign too, Dad"

Is there a connection ... ?

"It may well be that a society's greatest madness seems normal to itself"

"Now do you think it makes no difference?"

"A piece of skin the size of a quarter..."

"Shear Madness!"

This is your baby. This is your baby being circumcised. Any questions?

This is your baby. This is your baby on a Circumstraint. Any questions?

"What's done to children, they will do to society" (#1)

"What's done to children, they will do to society" (#2)

"What's done to children, they will do to society" (#3)

Who will protect us from our protectors?


$10,000 Reward

$360,000 Awarded for Botched Circumcision

1999 American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Circumcision -- Circumcision Policy Statement (With More Than 100 Hyperlinks)

Alaska Law Firm Settles Lawsuit With Family of Brain-Damaged Boy

Ari Zighelboim's review of Circumcision, Strictly Speaking, by Gerald N. Weiss, MD, on

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child Press Release

Baby Boy Steals Circumstraint -- Richard DeSeabra


Books, Photographs and Videos by John A. Erickson

Call It What It Is: Child Abuse -- Gary L. Harryman

Circumcision Supplement BJU International, British Journal of Urology Volume 83, Supplement 1, January 1999 (Contents and ordering information)

Circumcision Variations -- Ron Redmond

Circumcision-Related Lawsuit Settlements

Circumcision: What Your Baby Can't Tell You (Compiled and edited by John A. Erickson)

Comments from Visitors to In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child

Current Sources of False and/or Misleading Information About the Foreskin and Circumcision

"Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity"

A Day at the Fair -- Susan Peer (Parents of Intact Sons)

Deeper Into Circumcision: An Invitation to Awareness and Guide to Resources for Researchers, Parents, Restorers, Activists and the Merely Curious (Compiled and edited by John A. Erickson)

The End of Circumcision in America -- George C. Denniston, MD

Foreskin Restoration (Glans Re-Covering)

Foreskins For Sale

"Genital mutilation is the foremost violent warfare of genocide consuming humanity through its children's godlike organs of love" and Other Miscellaneous Brief Statements

Have a story to tell?

Immunological functions of the human prepuce -- PM Fleiss, FM Hodges, RS Van Howe, Sexually Transmitted Infections, October 1998

In Memoriam -- Thank You, Never to be Forgotten Heroes

"In memory of all the children throughout history who have died at the hands of sexual mutilators ..." (Opening screen of In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child)

Infant Circumcision: Crime Against Humanity (A Statement by John A. Erickson)

Infant Circumcision: The Perfect Crime

Informed Consent for Medically Necessary Circumcision -- Eileen Marie Wayne, MD

"Just Anecdotal" ("I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy" and Other First Person Statements)

"Light in a world of darkness" (George Hill's tribute to Geoffrey Falk and his Circumcision Information and Resource Pages website)

Links to Information on the World Wide Web

Lysozyme in moisture under foreskin kills HIV

Making America Safe for Foreskins (Selected Letters Published and Unpublished from 1982 to 1992) and Other Writing by John A. Erickson (Selections)

Male and Female Circumcision: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Practice (Procedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations University of Oxford, England, August 5-7, 1998). Edited by George C. Denniston, Frederick Mansfield Hodges, and Marilyn Fayre Milos. (Contents and ordering information)

Medical Journal Articles Documenting the Complications of Circumcision

Medical Journal Articles Documenting the Use of Human Foreskins in Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Other Commercial Enterprises

Miscellaneous Documents

Miscellaneous Letters

Miscellaneous Resources

Organizations with No Website

"Parents of intact boys should be raising intactivists"

"A piece of skin the size of a quarter ..."

Phimosis in antiquity -- Frederick M. Hodges

Poem in recurring dream of gynecological mutilation victim


Routine Circumcision Not Recommended, AAP Says (NOCIRC Press Release)

The Serial Circumciser

Sexual Mutilations: A Human Tragedy (Procedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Circumcision, Lausanne, Switzerland, August 9-11, 1996). Edited by George C. Denniston, MD, and Marilyn Fayre Milos, RN. (Contents and ordering information)


A Short History of Circumcision in the U.S. in Physicians' Own Words

Some Statements

Some Statements from Whose Body, Whose Rights?

Special Announcement (Men's Health July-August 1998)

Sue Circumcisers

Thank You, Howard Stern

"Thank you, John Erickson"

"These crimes will never be forgotten ..."

T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers

Universal Covenant of Ecumenics International -- Anastasios Zavales

The Unkindest Cut of All -- John M. Foley, MD


"What Better Way?" -- Wayne Hampton

What Is Lost? -- Gary Harryman

Where Is My Foreskin? The Case Against Circumcision -- Paul M. Fleiss, MD, Mothering Magazine, Winter 1997

"Why I Stopped Circumcising Babies"

"Would any amount of money induce you to part with your foreskin -- and if so, how much? If not, why not?"

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