The Joy of Uncircumcising!

Exploring Circumcision:
History, Myths, Psychology, Restoration,
Sexual Pleasure and Human Rights

By Jim Bigelow, PhD

Hourglass Book Publishing, 1995. ISBN 0-934061-22-X. 2nd edition. Revised, expanded, updated. "Latest Developments Non-Surgical and Surgical." Foreword by James L. Snyder, MD, FACS, Past-President of the Virginia Urological Society. 242 pages. Nine pages of notes. 269 references. Glossary. Resources. Five-page index. Contents:
Why This Book?
The Natural Penis
The Circumcised American Penis
Common American Myths About the Penis and Infant Circumcision
Common Circumcision Myths Which Cloud Social Issues
The Development of Circumcision in Judaism
Foreskin Restoration Among the Jews
America's 100-year Infatuation with Circumcision
Twentieth Century Christianity and Infant Male Circumcision in America
Psychological Factors Related to Infant Circumcision
Why Men Today Want to Uncircumcise
The Modern Foreskin Restoration Movement
Skin Expansion: How it Works and What it Provides
The Skin Expansion System Getting Started
The Skin Expansion System Stage I -- The Tape Strap
The Skin Expansion System Stage II -- The Tape Ring
The Skin Expansion System Stage III -- Expansion Devices
Alternative Skin-Expansion Innovations
Finishing Touches to the Restored Foreskin
Trends and Options in Surgical Foreskin Reconstruction
Cooperative Approach: Doctor and Client
Where Do We Go From Here?
Notes; References; Glossary; Resources; Index

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