Deeper Into Circumcision: An Invitation to Awareness


Manly Arts Special
"Manly Arts is pleased to offer this catalog [#3]
of its Spring 1987 collection, drawn from a group
of three important acquisitions of artifacts relative
to the manhood movement of the past 100 years."

"Introducing MANLY ARTS of Ohio, purveyors of circumcision memorabilia. MANLY ARTS specializes in providing a channel for those historians, researchers and collectors who are involved in the development of the 'manhood movement' as it has been expressed in literature, research, graphics, objects and cultural practice." Foreskin Quarterly #7 (Winter 1987), pages 20-21.

In addition to the lampshades and vest described above, Catalog #3 also contains:

Item 61. "Wallet, actually made from human foreskins. Supple and emminently servicable. (Neat's foot oil will keep it that way.) Comprised of fourteen skins ranging from 3" by 5 1/4" to infant 1 1/2" by 2", the wallet contains eight compartments and is sewn together with leather thread. Of such a commanding appearance that viewers will have to ask what the material is. After that, it's up to you. Beautiful brownish patina on the outside; the inside composed of checkerboard alternating caucasian and black skins. $1,000."

Item 62. "Woven finger ring made from actual human foreskin. Braided, and done so by twisting: the skin was apparently not cut longitudinally during its removal. Thus there is no joint between the two ends, because there are no ends. A beautiful piece of engineering, much like a Chinese puzzle. Beautiful mahogony patina with honey-colored highlights. Would fit the middle finger of the average man. $500."

Item 65. "Gentleman's pinkie ring made from human foreskin. In constructing this item, the inner and outer layer of prepuce were left in their original relative positions, so the ring is double thickness. This may have been the product of a recircumcision, as the forward edge retains a distinct pattern of suture marks which had healed. Being a double thickness, small circular holes have been placed in the outer skin and cat's eye stones inserted which contrast handsomely to the honey-brown color of the ring. The width being only 1/2" contributes to the theory that the ring was produced by a second circumcision. $375."

Item 66. "This is an outrageous item. A large and long human foreskin has been expertly tanned to provide all the suppleness and softness of the intact version. It is connected to a sulcus ring of silver with cabouchons of lapis lazuli so that the wearers looks as if he were an uncircumcised male wearing only a sulcus ring (granted that the ring is worn above and not beneath the prepuce). The skin is connected to the ring with a dozen silver rivits; not recommended for use in masturbation or intercourse, rather obviously. But a hekkuva decoration for those special parties. $225."

Manly Arts is, apparently, no longer in operation. The address and phone number on the cover of Catalog #3 are no longer current.

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