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Legal Decisions and Lawsuit Settlements


Settlement Disclosed

$22.8 million
"$22.8 million award in botched circumcision?" The Atlanta Constitution, March 12, 1991. ("Northside Hospital will pay $22.8 million to a boy severely injured in a circumcision accident at the hospital nearly six years ago ... The child had his penis severely burned in the mishap ... A second infant who underwent a circumcision at Northside on the same day also was severely injured. That child, known as Baby Doe, underwent a sex-change operation shortly after the accident, and consequently is now a female person, who has been rendered sterile and completely incapable of reproduction, ")

$3.85 million
"Surgery ends in coma; wife gets $3.85 million" Trenton, N.J. (UPI) "A $3.85 million out-of-court settlement was awarded to the wife of a man who has been in a coma since a circumcision operation four years ago." [Source? Date?]

$2.75 million
"Family gets $2.75 million in wrongful surgery suit" Lake Charles American Press, May 28, 1986. ("The family of a young boy whose penis had to be amputated after it was severely burned during a routine circumcision performed at ... W.O. Moss Regional Hospital on Feb. 2, 1984.")

$1.2 million
"Boy gets $1.2 million for circumcision error" Asbury Park Press, 11/30/95. (AP) "NEW YORK: An 8-year-old Russian immigrant whose penis was shortened and disfigured during circumcision has reached a $1.2 million settlement with several defendants, including a Lakewood rabbi who performed the operation ... The botched operation occurred when the boy underwent a Jewish ritual operation five years ago ... The boy's lawyers maintained that the rabbi who performed the ritual, known as a bris, amputated 80 percent of the head of his penis."

"Circumcision Botched; He's Now She (Family Awarded $850,000" L.A. Times, 10/30/75.

"Child awarded damages" Leader Post Regina, SK [Canada], November 1975. ("SEATTLE (AP) A three-year-old child who is undergoing sex change operations because he was badly burned during a routine circumcision has been awarded $750,000 ... a military doctor ... burned the baby's genital area so badly that physicians eventually advised changing the child's sex to female ... The greatest danger, doctors said, is of deep psychological trauma if the child learns she was born a male.")

"Boy in coma most of his 6 years dies" The State, Columbia, South Carolina, 7/10/95. "A boy who was in a coma for more than six years while a legal battle raged around him has died ... Allen A. Ervin was born in July 1985 and had been on life support since December 1985, when his brain was damaged from oxygen deprivation during circumcision. He died at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center on Wednesday, three weeks before his 7th birthday ... The anesthesiologists who attended to Allen during the circumcision settled the case for $435,000 and agreed to lifetime payment of his medical bills."

"$256,000 VERDICT ... Pediatric negligence in performing elective circumcision Amputation of portion of penis ... Surgical reattachment less than ..." Medical Malpractice by Specialty, 3/95.

Medical Malpractice: Circumcision / Verdict: $36,400 "9/12/92: Plaintiff, a minor child, was having a circumcision performed by the Defendant. The Defendant cut off the tip of the young boy's penis resulting in disfigurement but without loss of function." Warren Communications Tri-Service, 5/8/95.

Settlement Undisclosed

$10 million lawsuit

Alaska Law Firm Settles Lawsuit With Family of Brain-Damaged Boy
"Betrayed by Doctors and Lawyers in Alaska, Sweets Find Justice Through Seattle Malpractice Attorney"

Outcome Unknown

"Man blames hospital for penis amputation" Martinez, CA. "A man whose penis was amputated is seeking $800,000 ... for the loss of his penis and the amputation's effect on his marriage." Sunday Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA, 4/15/95.


Settlement Disclosed

Aus$360,000 Awarded for Botched Circumcision

Settlement Undisclosed

Outcome Unknown

"MD sued for cutting short man's sex life" Ottawa Citizen, 3/4/88. "TORONTO (CP) A couple is suing a doctor claiming a circumcision he performed left the man unable to have sex ... The couple, from Hamilton, say the 1984 operation excessively foreshortened the man's penis and left him unable to achieve an erection or ejaculate."

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