"Light in a world of darkness"

[The following tribute to Geoffrey Falk and his Circumcision Information and Resource Pages (CIRP) website appeared in the alt.circumcision newsgroup May 1999.]

To All:

We frequently see posts here in which the pro-circ crowd rails against the Circumcision Information and Resource Pages website, sponsored by Geoffrey Falk.

These bitter comments illustrate the value of the Circumcision Information and Resource Pages, which provides full text articles about circumcision from medical journals around the world. There are also psychological, religious, and sociological references.

The CIRP provides light in a world of darkness. The information provided by the CIRP dispels the medical myths that have been used to promote child and adult circumcision for more than 100 years.

As is said in the Gospel of John, "and the light shineth in darkness," the CIRP shines in the darkness that surrounds the practice of circumcision. The pro-circers hate and fear the light provided by the CIRP because it exposes their deeds for the world to see.

They say the CIRP is unbalanced because they find no support for their deeds there. Actually, the facts about circumcision are unbalanced because the facts are totally against circumcision. The facts do not support it. Only myths support circumcision. And myths cannot stand against factual information.

To Geoffrey:

Do not be disheartened by the railings of the pro-circers. Their railing only shows how effective the CIRP is at dispelling the myths and lies that have supported circumcision for a century and more.

George Hill

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