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This is a list of websites that address or pertain to the male foreskin, male circumcision, foreskin restoration (glans re-covering), and other aspects of sexual mutilation. The emphasis is on mass forced foreskin extermination (infant circumcision) in the U.S., but links to websites dealing with other types and other aspects of sexual mutilation are included as well. Except for several landmark articles, the NOCIRC pamphlets, the NOCIRC Annual Reports, and a few other entries, this list is confined to websites and does not include links to individual pages on the websites listed. It does include, however, numerous links to pages on websites not listed.


Foreskin Websites
Websites Championing Genital Wholeness as a Birthright
Websites Advocating Foreskin Amputation by Force (Infant Circumcision)
Recreational/Erotic/Fetish Circumcision
Foreskin Restoration (Glans Re-covering) Websites
Selected Related Websites
Landmark Articles -- Medical Journals
Landmark Articles -- Popular Press
NOCIRC Pamphlets and Annual Reports
Miscellaneous Pages from Other Websites
Female Genital Mutilation
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Foreskin Websites

Foreskin http://www/
33 Photographs of the Intact Adult Male Foreskin, The Three Zones of Penile Skin, and many other photographs documenting various aspects of the adult male foreskin. Free.

Foreskin Quarterly
"The Ultimate Uncut Fetish Magazine" "Adults Only"

Natural Man Photos: The Photography of Sherwin Carlquist

The XS4SKIN Gallery
"Over 200 high quality original images of intact men ... AVI movie of foreskin action ... Links to other foreskin-related sites including those for men attempting restoration." Commercial site. Adult check. Some images sexually explicit.

[Many of the websites listed below contain a great deal of information about the foreskin, including drawings, photographs and even moving images.]

Websites Championing Genital Wholeness as a Birthright

About Circumcision
"Circumcision is an unnatural state. The complication rate of circumcision is 100% ... Circumcision in the U.S. has been a secret sexual holocaust for decades."

? AEgis
"Philadelphia-area Intactivists: A resource for people concerned with ending routine infant circumcision."

Association contre la Mutilation des Enfants (AME)
In French and English. Includes photos of "botched" circumcisions.

Circumcision (Fathering Magazine)

Circumcision (Medical Journal)
"The first peer-reviewed medical journal appearing exclusively in virtual format."

? Circumcision: A Closer Look -- Dr. Dean Edell

Circumcision -- The Basic Facts

? Circumcision Debunked

Circumcision Facts and Arguments

Circumcision Genital Mutilation

Circumcision Information and Resource Pages (CIRP)
Listed in the British Medical Journal. Recipient of the ParenthoodWeb and NetGuide Gold Awards. The most comprehensive collection of medical journal articles and other information about the foreskin and circumcision on the Internet.

Circumcision Information Centre

? Circumcision Information Network (CIN) (1994-1995 archives)

Circumcision Information Web Ring

? Circumcision Issues

Circumcision Resource Center / Jewish Associates of CRC

? Circumcision Web

Davock's Page on Male Circumcision

Doctors Opposing Circumcision (D.O.C.)

Fight Sexual Mutilation Web Ring

Historical Medical Quotes on Circumcision

In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child
"Unique. Information available nowhere else on the Internet."
Recipient of the AlternaMoms Award for November 1998 for Best Site in a Genre

In English and French
HealthWay Award: Best of Web



The Israeli Newsletter and Information Center on Circumcision (in Hebrew)

The Male Circumcision Site

Mothers Against Circumcision

Muslims Against the Circumcision of Boys and Girls
"Let's stop this centuries old crime against our children."

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC)
"NOCIRC is an organization of diverse individuals committed through research, education and advocacy to securing the birthright of male and female infants and children to keep their sex organs intact." The world's foremost clearinghouse for information about sexual mutilation.

NOCIRC of Maine

NOCIRC of Pittsburgh

NOCIRC of Wisconsin/Madison

National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males (NOHARMM)
"NOHARMM is a non-profit, direct-action men's network organized against circumcision of healthy male infants and children. Its mission is to raise men's awareness about male anatomy and genital cutting practices and to increase their understanding of genital integrity as a fundamental human right."

Nurses for the Rights of the Child
"Nurses of America, wipe the blood from your hands and join me."

Parents of Intact Sons

Parent to Parent

Questions About Circumcision

S.I.C. (Stop Infant Circumcision) Society

Voices Intact
"Dedicated to educating teenagers and (their) parents about circumcision."

Websites Advocating Foreskin Amputation by Force (Infant Circumcision)

Circumcision Information Pages

Circumcision Online News
"Circumcision information explained by doctors, medical establishments and researchers."

International Circumcision Information Resource Centre (ICIRC)
Includes information about The Acorn Society.

Medical Benefits from Circumcision -- Brian J. Morris, PhD, DSc

Recreational/Erotic/Fetish Circumcision


Fun Products
GOMCO circumcision clamp: $225.99. Mogen circumcision clamp: $199.

Info Circ / Cutting Club
In German.

Foreskin Restoration (Glans Re-covering) Websites

[Many of the Circumcision Websites listed above contain information about foreskin restoration (glans re-covering).]

? The Australian Foreskin Restoration & Anti-Circumcision Site

Boys and Their Hoods

Chymmylt's Foreskin Restoration Pages

"Circumcision Reversal Gains in Popularity." The New Mexican, November 29, 1996


Danny Cook's Foreskin Restoration Site

Foreskin Restoration Links

? Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin Restoration Resource
Recipient of the Human Award. Includes the pages from Derrick Townsend's Foreskin Restoration Site.

Foreskin Restoration -- Male Sexuality

Foreskin Restoration / Lengthening

Grant's Foreskin Restoration Site

Justin Rat's Foreskin Restoration Diary

National Organization of Restoring Men (NORM - UK)

National Organization of Restoring Men (NORM - USA)

NORM -- Portland, Oregon Chapter

NORM -- Southern California

? Olivers Vorhaut-Restauration-Site
Germany. In English.

P.U.D. (Penile Uncircumcising Device)

QBMan's Pro-Foreskin Site

Restoration Survey

Restore Yourself

T-Tape Picture Book Download Site

"This set of photos shows an average penis with an average infant circumcision in various kinds of restoration devices."

TugAhoy -- Branden Marr's Foreskin Restoration Diary

Selected Related Websites

Online bookstore. Many books pertaining to male and female sexual mutilation.

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
"The medical profession, which has perpetuated this tragic disfigurement of baby boys' genitals, will be challenged by an organization of legal professionals it cannot afford to ignore."

? Circumcision: A Closer Look -- Dean Edell, MD
[Search "circumcision".]

Circumcisor Hall of Infamy

Female Sexuality

Infectious AIDS -- Have We Been Misled?

Informed Consent
Includes Draft of Proposed Legislation Concerning Informed Consent and Medical Accountability, by Eileen Marie Wayne, MD.

Intersex Society of North America (ISNA)
"A peer support, education, and advocacy group for intersexuals: individuals born with mixed sexual anatomy."

The National Men's Resource Center

The Origins of a Taboo: Adhesions, Phimosis and Frenulum Breve and Their Relationship to Male Initiation and Identity

Patients in ARMS (Advocates Reforming Medical Standards)
"A nonprofit patient advocacy organization and victim support center founded in 1995, our mission is to eradicate medical crime in the US. We raise public awareness about physician fraud and patient abuse, and promote safe medical treatment and equal protection for all from doctor-caused injury, pain, impairment, and death. We have grave concerns about the rampant sexual offenses, abuses, and mutilations carried out in physicians' private offices and behind closed hospital doors. We seek patient safety legislation to empower patients to accurately monitor/record all medical treatment and surgery and to ensure the right to full control over decisions about the care of their bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits. Suspected physician sex molesters, abusers, rapists, and serial killers must not be exempted from investigation and prosecution for their crimes. Protect yourselves--examine your doctors!"

Physician Complaints
How to file a complaint with a state medical board. Links to circumcision-related lawsuit information.

The Save the Boys Foundation
"$1,000 Reward for the arrest and felony conviction of any criminal sexual child mutilator who violates the genitals of a healthy normal boy by amputation of part of his penis."


Society for Human Sexuality – Univ. Washington

Taking Children Seriously

Landmark Articles -- Medical Journals

The Boy With No Penis [John/Joan/John]

"I think this child has an infected penis after neonatal circumcision" Online Pediatric Urology, April 1996

Immunological functions of the human prepuce, by PM Fleiss, FM Hodges, RS Van Howe -- Sexually Transmitted Infections, October 1998
"[The] definitive article on the immunological functions of the foreskin." -- Kenneth J. Baker, MD, FACOG

The prepuce: specialized mucosa of the penis and its loss to circumcision. JR Taylor, AP Lockwood, AJ Taylor. British Journal of Urology, Feb. 1996.

Landmark Articles -- Popular Press

? "Circumcision in America," by Debra S. Ollivier

Did Circumcision Ruin Your Sex Life? (Separated at Birth), by Mark Jenkins. Photographs by Bill Emory. Men's Health, July/August 1998.
"The doc robbed you of 240 feet of nerves when he removed your foreskin. Maybe it's time for the cutting to stop."

The Unkindest Cut of All -- John Foley, MD, FACT Magazine, July-August 1966

Where Is My Foreskin? The Case Against Circumcision, by Paul M. Fleiss, MD -- Mothering Magazine, Winter 1997
"[T]he most comprehensive, most thorough article about the foreskin and circumcision published by the popular press to date." -- Letter from the Editor, NOCIRC Annual Report, Spring 1998

NOCIRC Pamphlets and Annual Reports

1. NOCIRC Resource Guide

2. Answers to Your Questions About NOCIRC

3. Answers to Your Questions About Infant Circumcision

4. Answers to Your Questions About Your Young Son's Intact Penis

5. Answers to Your Questions About Your Young Son's Circumcised Penis

6. Answers to Your Questions About Premature (Forcible) Retraction of Your Young Son's Foreskin

NOCIRC Annual Report, Spring 1997

NOCIRC Annual Report, Spring 1998

NOCIRC Annual Report, Spring 1999

NOCIRC Annual Report, Spring 2000


? Ode to the Circumcised Male, by Edgar J. Schoen, MD, Chairman, American Academy of Pediatrics 1989 Task Force on Circumcision
"Noncircumcised males are the 'genital chic' --
If your foreskin is gone, you are now up the creek.
It's a great work of art like the statue of Venus,
If you're wearing a hat on the head of your penis."

Miscellaneous Pages from Other Websites

? AlternaMoms Unite! Circumcision page

? The Baby Crib Circumcision Page

A Baby is Born

Birth With Dignity: Urgent Message to Women of Child Bearing Age

Canadian Paediatric Society - Neonatal Circumcision Revisited

Circumcision. Leave the skin alone. An argument against circumcision. Daily Bruin
An exchange student, shocked at US circumcision, reports his findings.

Circumcision, Child Rights, and Sex Abuse. Circumcision is the ultimate child sexual abuse.

Circumcision: The Step to Becoming a REAL Man

? CircumCutEm (Information from The Compleat Mother - The Magazine of Pregnancy)
Includes first person statement by Stan Emerson and "15 Functions of the Foreskin."

Draft of Proposed Legislation Concerning Informed Consent and Provider Accountability -- Eileen M. Wayne, MD

Famous Males With Foreskins

Informed Consent for Medically Necessary Circumcision -- Eileen Marie Wayne, MD
"Erogenous function of the foreskin: Sexual pleasure."

It's a Boy! (Video by Victor Schonfeld)

Jacob Sweet Case
Sweet v. Sisters of Providence (9/30/94) SP-4127

JAMA Abstracts -- Circumcision in the US _13/oc6955a

Jim Hopper, PhD
Forgetting and remembering experiences of child abuse.
The sexual abuse of boys and its lasting effects in the lives of men.
How and why some abused boys become violent men - Factors in the cycle of violence.

Newborn Circumcision [pamphlet]
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (March 1999)

Penis Info

The Sexual Anatomy of Men

"Tara KLamp A Kinder Cut in Circumcision Surgery"

The Truth About Circumcision

? Valencia Declaration on Sexual Rights

Female Genital Mutilation

Episiotomy: Ritual Genital Mutilation in Western Obstetrics

FGM in Africa: What it is, and What is its Significance to Our Own Culture

FGM [Female Genital Mutilation] Research Homepage

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