Infant Circumcision: The Perfect Crime

I have always despised being circumcised. Sometimes I can barely function at work. I think about suicide. Words cannot describe the rage I feel toward the pervert who did this to me. There's something deranged about anyone who persists in circumcising babies after being confronted with the facts. I recently saw the movie Schindler's List, and it struck me that these are the same butchers who were murdering Jews in Nazi Germany. I think that every society has these "closet sadists" who emerge only when societal constraints are removed. They have now found their niche as contemporary doctors who circumcise. For a brief moment they are God, with total control over another's sexuality. It's the perfect crime. Sanctioned by unsuspecting, misinformed parents, the hospital, and an ignorant society, they hide under the guise of a respected medical profession. And the consequences only appear years later when they are long gone and their trail cold. Some doctors really don't know any better, and when told about the gravity of their actions, stop. But some just keep on cutting. There's something really frightening about the Finks and Wiswells and Gelbaums of our society. You're right -- it's not circumcision that needs to be studied; it's circumcisers.
From a letter to John Erickson from a man in Arizona

(Quoted with permission)

[Yes, statements like this are "just anecdotal." But why are they just anecdotal?]

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