Male and Female Circumcision:
Medical, Legal, and Ethical Considerations
in Pediatric Practice

Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium
on Sexual Mutilations:
Medical, Legal, and Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Practice
August 5-7, Oxford, England

Edited by George C. Denniston, Frederick Mansfield Hodges,
and Marilyn Fayre Milos

Plenum Publishers 1999. 547 pages. Hardbound. ISBN 0-306-46131-5.

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Section 1. Keynote Address

1. Evolutionary Cultural Ethics and Circumcision of Children -- N. Toubia

Section 2. The Anatomy, Physiology, and Histology of the Human Prepuce

2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Penis -- S. Scott

3. Anatomy and Histology of the Penile and Clitoral Prepuce in Primates: Evolutionary Perspective of Specialized Sensory Tissue of the External Genitalia -- C. J. Cold and K. A. McGrath

4. Significance and Function of Preputial Langerhans Cells -- G. L. Williams

Section 3. Current Research on Circumcision and Phimosis

5. The History of Phimosis from Antiquity to the Present -- F. M. Hodges

6. Diagnosis and Treatment of Phimosis -- S. C. Donnell

7. Anaesthesia for Circumcision: A Review of the Literature -- R. S. Van Howe

8. Neonatal Circumcision and HIV Infection -- R. S. Van Howe

Section 4. Genital Mutilation: Religious and Cultural Considerations

9. Muslims' Genitalia in the Hands of the Clergy: Religious Arguments about Male and Femle Circumcision -- S. A. Aldeeb Abu- Sahlich

10. Evangelical Christianity and Its Relation to Infant Male Circumcision -- J. D. Bigelow

11. A Jewish Perspective on Circumcision -- J. Goodman

12. Circumcision: An African Point of View -- G. B. Tangwa

13. Unifying Language: Religious and Cultural Considerations -- J. P. Baker

Section 5. Psychological Aspects of Genital Mutilation

14. Motivations for Medifications of the Human Body -- G. Zwang

15. Psychoanalysis of Circumcision -- M. Tractenberg

16. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder After Genital Medical Procedures -- J. Menage

17. Tyranny of the Victims: An Analysis of Circumcision Advocacy -- G. C. Denniston

18. Epidemiological, Medical, Legal, and Psychological Aspects of Mutilated/At-Risk Girls in Italy: A Bioethical Focus -- P. Grassivaro Gallo, L. Araldi, F. Viviani, and R. Gaddini

19. Circumcision in America in 1998: Attitudes, Beliefs, and Charges of American Physicians -- C. R. Fletcher

20. Facing Circumcision: Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories -- B. Katz Sperlich and M. Conant

21. Neonatal from a Primal Health Research Perspective -- M. Odent

22. Celebrating Phallos: Healing Men and Culture -- J. Zoske

Section 6. Foreskin Restoration: Historical and Contemporary Considerations

23. The History of Foreskin Restoration -- D. Schultheiss

24. Current Practices in Foreskin Restoration: The State of Affairs in the United States, and Results of a Survey of Restoring Men -- R. W. Griffiths

25. Foreskin Restoration (Circumcision Reversal) -- J. P. Warren

26. The Man Behind Restoration -- M. M. Lander

Section 7. The World-Wide Campaign to End Genital Mutilation

27. A Comprehensive Approach for Communication about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt -- S. Abd el Salam

28. The History of Circumcision in the United States: A Physician's Perspective -- M. L. Sorrells

29. Genital Mutilation in Ireland: A Public Health and Human Rights Report -- L. Massie

30. Challenges to Circumcision in Israel: The Israeli Association Against Genital Mutilation -- A. Zoossmann-Diskin and R. Blustein

31. Activism on the World Wide Web: The Role of the Internet in the Dissemination of Circumcision-Related Information -- M. M. Sarkis

Section 8. Current Problems in Medical Publications

32. Peer-Review Bias Regarding Circumcision in American Medical Publishing: Subverting the Dominant Paradigm -- R. S. Van Howe

33. An Analysis of Bias Regarding Circumcision in American Medical Literature -- P. M. Fleiss

34. Publication on Circumcision in the Medical Literature: The Role of an Editor -- H. N. Whitfield

Section 9. Legal and Ethical Considerations of Genital Mutilation

35. Circumcision and Virtue Ethics -- M. M. Lander

36. Respect in the Context of Infant Male Circumcision: Can Ethics and Law Provide Insights? -- M. A. Somerville

37. Male Non-Therapeutic Circumcision: The Legal and Ethical Issues -- C. Price

38. Attaining International Acknowledgment of Male Genital Mutilation as a Human Rights Violation, and a Written Intervention -- J. S. Svoboda

39. Some Thoughts on Legal Remedies -- D. J. Llewellyn

40. The Doctor as Expert Witness in United States Courts -- J. L. Snyder

41. The Oxford Declaration: A Call for the Prohibition of the Genital Mutilatiion of Children -- C. A. Bonner

Appendix 1: Declaration of Genital Integrity

Appendix 2: Circumcision: Information, Misinformation, Disinformation -- E. Wallerstein

Appendix 3: Resources



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