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How is it possible that so many doctors who have tortured, mutilated, crippled and disfigured the penises of so many babies have been so wrong about so much for so long?

What pecentage of males with a compulsion to circumcise become obstetricians, pediatricians, urologists, etc., so that they can circumcise?

What percentage of obstetricians, pediatricians, and urologists, etc., are driven to those professions by a compulsion to circumcise?

Is the divorce rate higher among circumcised males than among their intact brothers?

Is the percentage of males who take Viagra higher among males who are circumcised than among males who are intact?

Painful intercourse (female)
Painful intercourse (male)
Impotence (inability to get or to maintain erection)
Difficulty ejaculating
Inability to ejaculate
"Promiscuity" (endless, futile quest for sexual gratification)
Sex-intensifying recreational drugs (thirst for sensation)
Male's bonding with female partner
Female's bonding with male partner
Associating children with discomfort/pain rather than pleasure
Male violence against females
Male violence against males
Female violence against males (Lorena Bobbitt)
Violence against self (suicide)
Sadism (cruelty to animals)

Questions for Circumcisers

Do you see any moral or ethical difference between circumcising an adult by force and circumcising a baby, and if so, what is the difference?

How can you justify cutting off part of a baby's penis that so many males who had that part of their penises cut off when they were babies regret and resent that someone cut off and that the vast majority of males who have that part of their penises intact value -- even beyond price -- and prefer -- infinitely prefer -- to keep intact?

If there were anything about circumcision that would make you think that babies should not be circumcised, would you want to be aware of it -- and if you were aware of it, would you acknowledge it?

What fact(s) or consideration(s) -- if any -- would cause you to think that babies should routinely be allowed to keep all of the penis they are born with?

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