"Just Anecdotal"

"I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy"

and Other First Person Statements

"I'm going to cut your foreskin off, little boy"

"Dr. Xxxxxx mutilated my sexual organs when I was a child"

"Lightning Struck Twice for Me" -- Cliff Pointer ("No one had the right to cut my foreskin off!")

My Circumcision Story -- Jerry Brayton ("I would rather have been raped than circumcised.")

"When I realized that Judaism cut me off from part of myself, I cut myself off from Judaism" -- Brian Levitt

No Foreskin ("... the words stuck in my throat and no sound came out.")

Intact, Mutilated, Largely Restored ("I soon realized what a great mistake I had made!")

Circumcised at 30 -- William E. Krueger ("I feel damaged on almost every level.")

A Jewish Mother's Awakening

Open letter from the mother of three boys, the youngest intact ("This letter is therapy for a mother who feels an enormous amount of guilt.")

Letter from the wife of a circumcised man to David McKnight (Wives of Circumcised Husbands Support Group) ("For too long I have blamed myself for our sexual problems when circumcision was the culprit.")

[Yes, the accounts above are "just anecdotal." But why are they just anecdotal? See also Comments from Visitors to This Website.]

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