Say No To Circumcision!
40 Compelling Reasons, 2nd Edition

By Thomas J. Ritter, MD, and George C. Denniston, MD (founder of D.O.C. [Doctors Opposing Circumcision])

Hourglass Book Publishing, 1996

Foreword by Ashley Montagu, PhD

$9.95 plus $3 S/H ($7 outside U.S.) from NOCIRC, POB 2512, San Anselmo, CA 94979-2512.

[The only book I know of about circumcision by two medical doctors who state in the book that they themselves are intact.]

Circumcision inflicts a diminished penis on your newborn baby boy
Circumcision is really foreskin amputation, and is abusive
Circumcision is very painful and traumatizing a terrible way to welcome your newborn
Circumcision produces psychological and emotional pain and anguish to sons and parents
Circumcision creates unnecessary surgical risks and complications
Cleanliness and hygienic reasons mandate that we do not circumcise
No extra care is needed for an intact infant or young boy
Your son will learn how simple it is to keep himself clean
The foreskin is normal and natural
What looks "funny" to some is natural and normal
When unaroused, the glans of the penis is meant to be an internal organ, like the clitoris
The foreskin enhances sexual pleasure
Circumcision robs the male of his birthright -- a fully functioning penis
It makes just as much sense to circumcise baby girls
Circumcision is a disservice to both male and female especially in later life
European countries, England and Asia don't circumcise their sons
The "I'm circumcised and I'm fine" syndrome
Circumcision removes a lot more than a little snip of skin
Your son's penis does not have to look like his father's
Men circumcised as infants are even now restoring their foreskins
Males with foreskin will have a lot of company in the locker room
Males masturbate whether they have foreskins or not
The history of circumcision is filled with hysteria, bias, misinformation, etc.
Christianity does not require or promote circumcision
Some Jewish people are even changing their minds on circumcision
Don't be fooled, most books, including medical textbooks, contain inaccurate information
Don't accept, at face value, what your doctor has to say about circumcision
Most physicians are circumcised males or female doctors whose husbands or sons are circumcised
Make no mistake, there is money in circumcision
Circumcision does not prevent premature ejaculation
Penile and cervical cancer are not valid reasons for infant circumcision
The uncircumcised penis is not more prone to urinary tract infections
The uncircumcised penis is not more likely to spread STD's, including AIDS
No, he probably won't have to have it done later anyway
Intact men are more likely to use a condom
Major medical associations say circumcision is unnecessary
Some insurance companies and programs are no longer paying for routine infant circumcision
Many noted physicians and others have spoken out against circumcision
If you're not sure, don't do it!
Say no to circumcision!
Infant circumcision surgery (nine photographs)

Reviews of Say No to Circumcision! and The Joy of Uncircumcising! printed in the Journal of The American Medical Association, 1/27/93. Free for SASE from UNCIRC, POB 52138, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.