The Serial Circumciser

The piece on your website entitled Infant Circumcision: The Perfect Crime is tremendously powerful. It is difficult to imagine what emotions will erupt in a circumciser's brain when he reads this. In all probability, he will have no emotional reaction at all. Like most rapists, serial killers, and other criminally deranged people, most serial circumcisers probably commit their crimes in cold blood. The surge they get from committing these atrocities is not emotional but chemical.

The very act of shredding and mutilating a baby's penis with knives, clamps, electrocautery guns, or fingernails affects the serial circumciser's brain chemistry like a drug. The craving for this neurological stimulus is an addiction as real and as irresistible as an addiction to heroin. Carving, crushing, burning, and slicing a baby's penis, reducing it to gore, getting his hands covered with penis blood, and filling his ears with shrieks and screams of agony and terror are the potent drug cocktail the serial circumciser needs to make himself feel alive.

Criminologists and forensic scientists have long known that there is no treatment or cure for sado-sexual compulsions. Only death will bring peace to the criminally insane serial circumciser. Jeffrey Dahmer found peace after a frightened fellow prisoner smashed his head to a bloody pulp against a filthy prison toilet. If this was the fate providence meted out to a man who murdered young men and then fed off their corpses, what fate awaits the monsters who torture, cripple, mutilate, maim, butcher, dismember, vivisect, mine for profit, and even suck blood from the sex organs of living baby boys?

At least Jeffrey Dahmer did not lie about what he was doing. Unlike the serial circumciser, Dahmer did not sink to the absurdity of calling his crimes "medical procedures." He never tried to create "studies" to justify the killing and eating of young men. The medicalization of psycho-sexual sadism and barbaric blood rituals is a deception perfected by people like Auschwitz Death Camp doctor Joseph "Angel of Death" Mengele and the American hospital ghoul: the serial circumciser.

A man in New York

(Quoted with permission)

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