"Thank you, John Erickson"
In all my years of academic research, I have never come across a source of information -- on any topic -- as powerful, insightful, thorough, and thought-provoking as your website on circumcision. Most websites provide selected parcels of information to specific target groups. Your website provides the broadest range of information on this topic I have ever encountered. It is a treasure trove of information.

You do not descriminate, suppress, edit, expurgate, or censor. Consequently, yours is the only website I am aware of that exposes the dark, chilling undercurrents that run through the history of circumcision.

With their calculated, deceptive rhetoric, the perpetrators of this atrocity attempt to draw links between an obvious horror and positive abstractions such as "tradition," "religion," "science," "medicine," and "hygiene." The documents and essays on your website, however, expose this charade and show what the sexual mutilation of children is really about: envy, lust, hatred, male sexual rivalry, sadism, criminal psychopathology, desperation, ruthlessness, power, control, oppression, violence, contempt for humanity, and greed.

It is about time that more human rights activists followed your lead and refused to play the circumcisers' game of evading the real issues. As your website makes clear, circumcision is not really about medicine or public health. Circumcision is not really about preventing or curing any disease. Circumcisers are not mistaken in their medical beliefs; they are lying. Circumcision advocacy is really about weaving a convincing network of lies to deflect the attention of the public and the criminal justice system from the frightening truth that circumcisers are really criminally deranged, psychotic, knife-wielding maniacs driven by psychopathic obsessions and compulsions that most people could never understand.

Would any normal person -- would any normal doctor -- pick up a knife and cut, slash, crush, burn, rip, tear, bloody, and savage a child's healthy sex organs? Would any normal, healthy adult allow someone to do that to him? To cover their tracks and to protect their immunity from being imprisoned for their grisly crimes, circumcisers are waging a war of terror, oppression, and violence against the United States and all other countries where they have infiltrated the corridors of power. Your website documents these disturbing facts.

Thank you, John Erickson, for having the courage to expose these frenzied, shrieking, hate-driven fanatics who, blinded by the sudden light of honest inquiry, now find themselves caught in a satanic orgy of torture and mutilation involving countless millions of child victims. They may have escalated their campaign of lies and terror in recent months, in response to the American Academy of Pediatrics' 1999 Statement on Circumcision, but thanks to dedicated scholars and humanitarians like you, the days are numbered for penis-slashers like Schoen, Weiss, Halperin, Moses, Kogan, Kunin, Schechet, Bailey, Russell, Wiswell, and the army of cowards and fools who blindly and slavishly do their bidding.

A visitor to In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child
April 2000

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